Yahoo! Buzz Reviewed

Tired of Digg and StumbleUpon? Yahoo! Buzz (aka Y! Buzz) is one of the newest contributors to the social media circuit and deserves a few points for creativity. Instead of allowing users to play the system by submitting articles and then begging for extra clicks, Yahoo Buzz makes the choices based upon what’s been getting the best results on their search engines.

Yahoo! Buzz

So here’s how it works:

  1. Yahoo Buzz keeps tabs on the most popular items being hunted down via the Yahoo Search Engine. They list the hottest articles and blogs.
  2. You log into Yahoo Buzz, using the same Yahoo! account name you already have, and read the articles. If you like it, you “Buzz up,” and if you really don’t like it you can give it a “Buzz down.” If you don’t care either way you should just leave the article alone.
  3. The stories that are the most popular based on Buzz votes, end up at the top of the list on Yahoo Buzz, and also end up on the Yahoo! home page, giving them even more visibility and prestige.

Other social media sites may give users more control by allowing them to submit whatever content they like as often as they can but, in the end, visitors end up voting for the best of the worst – in other words, they have to sort through pages of junk to find a decent article.

Yahoo Search as a Popularity Factor in Buzz

Yahoo Buzz forces users to vote for the best of the best by limiting the articles they see to those that they already know are popular on the internet. The concept of posting already popular articles on Yahoo Buzz rewards those who have already done a lot of hard work by giving them a little extra visibility, which will in turn result in additional well-deserved web traffic.

Yahoo Buzz Widgets

The folks at Yahoo Buzz have done a lot of work to make Buzz as accessible as possible. They’ve developed Buzz Widgets that you can place on your own website or blog in order to allow visitors to see what’s hot in the news, and they have a specialized version of the Buzz website specifically designed for readability on the ever popular iPhone.

Internet markets should pay attention to Yahoo Buzz as well. Want to know what the public is really looking for every day? Get your typing fingers on over to Yahoo Buzz and take note. Yahoo Buzz, even in beta, is about to take the internet by storm!


JennG writes about online business, social media and websites.

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  1. Emory Rowland

    I am curious to hear from anyone who has used Yahoo Buzz and what your thoughts are on the service. I’ve used Digg and Stumbleupon quite a bit, but I am undecided on whether to invest time in this service. I have heard that traffic levels can be very high for popular stories.

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