Went to WordCamp Birmingham

This year’s WordCamp Birmingham was my first ever WordCamp, locally held conferences that provide a forum for WordPress bloggers to learn and network. Overall, it was about what I expected–smart developers and bloggers making presentations and a good forum for meeting fellow bloggers. A big bonus of this WordCamp was the fact that WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg made the trip to attend. What was it like being together for the first time with so many southern bloggers with a passion for WordPress blogging software? A definite high.

Matt Mullenweg Delivers Keynote
Matt Mullenweg spoke about the future of WordPress

Wade Kwon et al before WordCamp Keynote by Matt Mullenweg
What’s the obvious main course for a Southern WordPress shindig? Barbecue was served for lunch before the keynote. Wade Kwon pictured.

WordCamp Advanced Track Session
An Advanced Track Session

After the Dougal Session on WordPress Plugins
The Dougal Campbell presentation on WordPress Plugin development wraps up

WordCamp Advanced Session
Another Advanced Track Session

WordCamp Session
Another Session

WordCamp Session
WordCamp Session

Matt Mullenweg answers questions at WordCamp Birmingham 09
Matt Mullenweg spent most of the time answering questions from atendees

Attending this WordPress event made me understand another dimension of Twitter: the benefit of the hashtag for events. Having the Twitter hashtag #wcbhm09 created a communications stream for everyone to participate in during the conference. Where were people gathering that night after the sessions? Who was in the room from your city that you could meet?

Scott Wilson Tweet

Another benefit of using Twitter was that it made it easier to communicate and arrange to the first face-to-face meeting with my Internet friend Scott Wilson and his charming wife who happen to live in the Birmingham area. Scott is a Linux evangelist, Web host industry veteran, Web designer and a really nice guy. He’s written a few excellent articles for Clickfire and blogs at Random Bytes of Reality.

After meeting for dinner, Scott gave me an Ubuntu demonstration and showed me his suite of Linux apps from the ALoft Hotel Lobby, stuff like KompoZer, Gimp, Filezilla and others. Scott summarized the evening on his personal blog.

I hear a WordCamp Atlanta is rumored to in the works.

Emory Rowland

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  1. ScottW


    You’re way too kind my friend. Was the pizza THAT good? LOL Hopefully, we’ll try to make it to the Atlanta WordCamp and you can show us around. Or, the wives will just go shopping! 😛

  2. Emory, thanks for coming to WordCamp Birmingham and for the photo!

  3. These are great photos! Glad you could make it to Birmingham for the event, I enjoyed our brief conversation in the hallway on the way to lunch.

    Hopefully, WordCamp ATL will happen and we can all make the trek over there.

  4. Hi Emory,
    It sounds like you go some useful things out of WordCamp. In general I always find that WordCamps always provide some of the more useful tips and know how as compared to a lot of other tech conferences (at much much higher prices). :)

    btw I think you picked me up in that 3rd picture (guy in the black t-shirt on the left). :)

  5. Emory Rowland

    Hey I appreciate the comments. I’m glad I went and got to be a part of such a great group!

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  7. Now I’m hungry for pizza 😛

    Did they talk about security and WordPress? That’s been the main issue on my mind for some time – I really want things to be secure, I would love to have some kind of screening mechanism for malicious code.

  8. Mitch Cantor did cover wordpress security. His session ran at the same time as my own, so I didn’t catch it, but wp security is definitely becoming more and more important (one of my sites was hacked for the 4th time 4 days ago. And I wasn’t being a slouch on security there by any means. :)

  9. Emory Rowland

    Aw, I’m always hungry for pizza! Pizza and security are both high on my list :)

    Thanks, Brett. I missed the security session. I wasn’t able to attend nearly all the sessions.

  10. @ brett – Thanks for the response, I’ll take a look around and see what I can find.

    I’m very worried about getting hacked: I have backups, but it is possible to have corrupt backups for a while and not know it.

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  12. Hey, that looks fun. How was it? I’m sure you learned a lot about wordpress. My concern with wordpress is security as well and hope they can do something about that. BTW was the barbecue good? ^^

  13. Emory Rowland

    @Bryan Yes, it was fun. The face to face interaction with regional bloggers was something I hadn’t experienced. I’m not much of a barbecue fan, despite being from the south. No doubt it went over well with my fellow wordcampers.

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