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Search Engine Journal has confirmed that Google methods of avoiding spam are being integrated into Wikipedia. The nofollow attribute introduced by Google in 2005 was originally intended to hamstring blog comment spam and has since been the source of much wrangling and discussion by SEO’s as to what exactly it does and which search engines have truly adopted the standard.

This post appeared on the January 20th Wikipedia Mailing List Message from Brion Vibber entitled [WikiEN-l] Nofollow back on URL links on articles for now:

Having been requested by Jimmy to do so, and having seen a fun rumor of a “search engine optimization world championship” contest targeting WP[1], I’ve gone ahead and switched rel=”nofollow” back onto URLs in’s article namespace.

Clickfire has sampled the source code and further confirmed that the nofollow attribute is appearing again.
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  1. SEO

    yeah… those stupid wiki’s!
    wonder what happen if we all use nofollow to them?

    Have a good one.

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