ASO Web Hosting Datacenter Tour

Word of advice. When you get an invitation from a web hosting company to tour their datacenter, don’t forget to bring your camera. You may recall Douglas Hanna from years past as the skilled Clickfire web hosting review critic with a knack for sifting through layers of marketing and legal to get to the good and bad of each hosting provider. Earlier this year, Doug landed the position as CEO of A Small Orange, an Atlanta-based Web hosting enterprise that serves up high-end shared, reseller, and dedicated server offerings. ASO has grown by fulfilling the demand for “extraordinary customer service and support” for their clients who you might say typically have been around the block when it comes to hosting websites. Web developers, designers and business web hosting types have found a comfortable home there. Doug calls this advanced hosting “high touch” service. You can see why. ASO support touches webmaster tasks that other hosts tend to shy away from such as:

  • Installation of Software Apps – a server side program or software update that the client may need.
  • Configuration Tuning – MySQL or Apache performance modifications.
  • Complex Software Set Ups – Configuration of multiple components to work together without conflicts.

Doug showed me around the A Small Orange Web Hosting office and AtlantaNAP facility. Call me strange, but I love visiting the inside of big datacenters. The isolation, the computing power, the air condition… I don’t quite know what draws me to them.

AtlantaNAP Datacenter
Look at those clean floors and feel those servers purring.

Atlanta Nap Servers
I didn’t ask if the ramp was for people or servers.

Chair and Desk at Atlanta Nap
A peaceful spot in AtlantaNAP. Be assured you won’t be disturbed here.

Douglas Hanna at ATL Nap, CEO of A Small Orange Hosting, and Clickfire Writer in Days Past
Douglas Hanna, CEO of A Small Orange Hosting, and Clickfire Writer in Days Past stands between the fenced wall of server racks at AtlantaNAP

The unassuming appearance of the AtlantaNAP building (from outside, it could have been mistaken for a cotton warehouse) and the extreme security gave me an eerie feeling and reminded me of the super secret Wildfire facility in the movie, The Andromeda Strain.

The Wildfire Facility from the Movie The Andromeda Strain

I think you can get feel for the AtlantaNAP datacenter despite the limitations of my iPhone camera. The tour turned out well despite the forgotten camera. Doug got a new hosting client. I got a new server :)

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  1. I did not expect to find a Michael Crichton reference in this post. I barely recall the movie, The Andromeda Strain, but I read the book a few years back.

    • Emory Rowland

      Never miss an opportunity to inject a 70’s sci fi reference. There is much in that film that plays to the fears of technology. There’s a definite obsession with security at that facility that seems amusing 40 years later.

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