There are few things in online life that can cause as much pain as a bad web host. You owe it to yourself to be informed. Learn how to win with web hosting. Read more or check out our reviews.

HostGator inMotion

HostGator vs. InMotion Hosting

It’s not always enough to review one web hosting provider – you’ve got to review two at a time to give readers the context they so aptly desire. That’s the purpose of today’s matchup, the clash in the steel cage between HostGator and InMotion Hosting.

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Server Rack Mount

VPS Web Hosting: Finding your Middleground

In pinpointing a perfect web hosting plan for your business, the most common choices range from cheap shared or to the expensive dedicated server solution. But can’t I have both, you ask? No, but VPS may be the plan that bridges the gap between dedicated and shared hosting both in pricing and features.

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Cloud Computing: Public vs Private and How it Works Diagram

A Cloud Hosting Primer

Want to know what cloud hosting is? Is cloud computing a real option for your website project? Check out how Anthony helps clear up some of the nebulus concepts of cloud computing.

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HostGator Magazine Ad

HostGator Ad

What does this HostGator ad really trying to communicate and how does it help the company sell hosting?

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Free Web Hosting Cartoon

Free Web Hosting Considerations

Douglas Hanna introduces Clickfire visitors to the possibilities of free web hosting and gives some guidance as to what to look out for. One of the goals is to explain free web host expectations as compared with one of the paid services–is it a get what you pay for type of thing?

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HostGator Billboard

5 Things I like about HostGator

HostGator (review here) is a top notch host. They provide quality support and have a good reputation as a quality hosting provider. All of the pros, cons, and benefits can be overwhelming, though. Here are the five best things about HostGator in my opinion: 1. 24 / 7 Support Getting …

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