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“Essentially, Clickfire will be the one guaranteed reliable source online where users can be certain that the reviews offered are not influenced by web hosting marketers whose influence completely clouds objectivity, as is the case with many websites claiming to provide trustworthy web hosting reviews.” – Joe Eitel, article from Developer Shed

Hosts Highlights Rating Price


  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Quick Support
  • Easy Control Panel




  • 4,500 Free Templates
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support



IX Web Hosting

  • Zero Risk Guaranteed
  • 2 Free Dedicated IPs
  • Personal Support Hero




  • Service Oriented
  • Simplicity
  • WordPress Friendly




  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 US Email Support
  • Money Back Guarantee




  • 24/7 Support
  • Daily Backup
  • Google Webmaster Tools



Just Host

  • 4/7 US Toll Free Sup
  • Free Site Builder
  • Money Back Guarantee



InMotion Hosting

  • 24/7 US Toll Free Sup
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Money Back Guarantee




  • 24/hr US Support
  • Avg Hold Times < 30 Sec
  • Money Back Guarantee




  • 24/7 US In-House Support
  • Easy-to-use Site Builders
  • Lots of Cows



Web host ratings are based on the Clickfire web hosting review process. Reviews, ratings and opinions are those of the individual reviewers and not necessarily those of Clickfire. Prices quoted are normally for the cheapest plans with the lowest possible pricing options which mean that they are usually for the longest terms (2 or 3 years, for example) with the full term typically paid up front and with coupon codes and discounts from Clickfire review pages. See individual hosts for details and final word. Reviews may contain affiliate advertising.

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Our experienced reviewers:

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  • Install scripts, upload files, test speed
  • Interact with support
  • Report each host’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Rate each host

What’s different about Clickfire web hosting reviews?

Our seasoned web host reviewers actually log in to live hosting accounts and critique the service of each web host provider. This usually includes performing tasks like installing scripts, creating and installing web site files, testing speed and abilities of customer support to solve common problems. Our reviewers then report the hosts’ strengths and weaknesses and rate each service right here for the world to see. I hope these reviews help answer the questions you need in making your web host choice. Compare these 5 well-known hosting companies displayed in the web hosting comparison table to get started.

How Web Hosting Reviews Work at Clickfire

Want to get all the details on how web hosting reviews are performed at Clickfire? We’ve written about the process to ensure consumers get reliable reviews of web hosts:

In this in depth look at Clickfire web hosting review practices and benefits, I talk about the triad of conflict among hosts, publishers and consumers. I outline the methodology used in Clickfire host reviews, important differences in how we reviews hosts, and how we select reviewers to bring you a valuable decision making tool. More…

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BlueHost Control Panel Screen Cap

Bluehost Review: This Time It’s Different

Wow, our first Clickfire Bluehost review was half a decade ago. But a lot can change in the hosting world in 5 years. I know what you’re thinking: “Is it still good?” or “Was it ever good?” Fanboys and flame warriors, read on…

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GreenGeeks Website (greengeeks.com)

GreenGeeks Review: It’s Easy Being Green

We’ve been hearing about GreenGeeks for years but weren’t sure if they would hold their ground. We were wrong. Green Geeks appears to be going strong. But, can a web host that strongly emphasizes the green factor really make a difference? Smair returns to review and share some straightforward insight into the up and coming host, GreenGeeks.

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MyHosting Screen Shot

MyHosting Review

Smair signs up and reviews MyHosting (www.myhosting.com) and picks apart their strengths and weaknesses for Clickfire.

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WebHostingHub.com Girl

Web Hosting Hub Review

Welcome Smair Habib to Clickfire! Smair is a web developer and writer with expertise in WordPress and other CMS platforms. He is going to be taking a critical look at various web hosting providers and reporting his findings. First up is Web Hosting Hub!

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APlus.net Screen Cap

Aplus.net Review

Aplus.net is a low budget, cheap web hosting provider that offers a variety of Windows services that you would not otherwise get to use with a standard shared web hosting account like ASP.NET and Standard ASP. Follow Kyle’s review of the Aplus personal package.

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InMotion Hosting Support

InMotion Hosting Review

Shared cPanel Web Host, InMotion Hosting does not provide an uptime guarantee. But do they need to? Find out from Kyle as he reviews the InMotion Hosting Basic Plan.

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SiteGround Screen

SiteGround Review: Ouch!

Web host reviewer, Kyle J. Summers logged into SiteGround hosting and looked under the hood, trunk and floor mats. Kyle took off the gloves and left on his steel-toed boots when he kicked the tires. One word: ouch.

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FatCow Homepage

FatCow Review

FatCow grazes the web hosting pastures with a cheap, eco-friendly offering that includes 24/7 North American phone support. Kowtowing or Unmooved? Grace’s FatCow review takes this bovine host off their high horse.

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PowWeb Home Page

PowWeb Review

“Perfect hosting solution?” “Unique reliability” “Unmatched web hosting?” Or just a bunch of guys who own servers? We review; you decide.

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Web.com Home Page

Web.com Review

Some Web host reviews don’t turn out the way you expect. This review of Web.com is one such example. Surprising.

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Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting

Yahoo Web Hosting Review

Yahoo offers lots of attractive Internet products. What about the Yahoo small business web hosting offering? Kyle Summers logs in, tests and reports to Clickfire readers.

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IX Web Hosting Site

IX Web Hosting Review

IX Web Hosting stands strong among hosting companies with a decade of experience, their own data center and affordable hosting solutions. See our hands-on review and rating of IX Web Hosting.

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ThinkHost: Green Web Hosting for the Cerebral

ThinkHost Review. Think Hard.

Clickfire reviews ThinkHost, a strong green web host that runs all services on 100% renewable energy. They even plant a tree for every new customer. Read the review and rating.

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Dotster Website

Dotster Review

Web host reviewer Douglas Hanna raises his pen before another host. This time it’s Dotster. Do you think they will survive Doug’s sharp criticisms?

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HostNine Site

HostNine Review

Kyle J. Summers takes an objective axe to HostNine in this review. If there is a weakness, be assured that he will find it. Read the review and get the rating.

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Jumpline (formerly HostICan)

HostICan Review

Can HostICan? Our hands-on review and rating of HostICan’s shared cPanel hosting with “unlimited” bandwidth and 99.9% uptime guarantee. See if HostICan “can.”

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DreamHost Website

DreamHost Review

DreamHost is a very well known and popular web host that offers customers a control panel alternative to cPanel. Read on…

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The Host Movie and HostMonster

HostMonster Review

HostMonster (hostmonster.com) web host review. Writer/reviewer, Douglas Hanna returns to slay HostMonster with his mighty pen. He pushes HostMonster to the limits. HostMonster hosting is over 10 years old and hosting more than 100,000 domains.

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HostGator Magazine Ad

HostGator Review

HostGator or host croc? One sure way to evaluate web hosting support is to contact them through their chat system and start asking questions. But how does this host support deal with the someone who can’t speak English well? Find out in Clickfire’s hands on analysis and review of HostGator. Read the rating and conversation we had with HostGator customer support.

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BlueHost Review Updates

BlueHost Review

Learn the pros and cons we discovered in our hands-on BlueHost web host review. We logged in to BlueHost and called customer support. See our BlueHost rating.

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Review of Omnis Hosting

Clickfire hands-on web host review of Omnis Network Hosting. Should you savor or eschew the Omnis Network web hosting service? Find out in this rigorous review.

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Hands-on with Easy CGI

Easy CGI hands-on web host review by Clickfire. Get the basic scoop on Easy CGI as well as the view from a tester who logs in and checks the features and support.

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