What brick and mortar business would you be working in if the Internet suddenly went away? Be thankful and don’t look back.

Group of reporters listening to a mime speak

Social Listening and the Art of Conversation

To know what is being said about your brand everyday in the social sphere, marketers are harnessing the power of social listening to identify newer business opportunities. If you do social listening, you can tell your brand’s story effectively on various social media platforms and see it expanding. The social media metrics help you: Determine whether or not your brand …

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Lancing aka Jousting

ScriptLance: No, It’s Not a Jousting Site

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the On the superficial level, the site resembles the uCoz of freelancing sites: it looks like its design hasn’t been changed since 2001 and the project boards have all the style and panache of a default vBulletin script. Not that there’s anything wrong with vBulletin, of course.

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Let’s be fair: if you’re going to have a name like “Guru,” Clickfire expects you to be good. If you’ve taken the time to acquire the domain of, you’d better do the domain justice.

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The GoToMeeting Review: Why the Internet Just Works

GoToMeeting is not only a fine service, but it’s one of those mainstream revolutionary platforms that has altered the landscape for how we do business across the world. If it weren’t for companies like GoToMeeting, the Internet wouldn’t be quite so easy to use as it already is.

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iVisit's sales pitch is very simple: there is no sales pitch!

iVisit Review: When Free Meetings are the Only Meetings

Under the principle that “you get what you pay for,” you always have to be just a little suspicious of a company that gives away something for nothing. Especially when that company belongs to an industry where you can usually expect a good $20-40/month for the same essential services.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love

You’ve already seen Clickfire’s coverage of some of the most popular freelance sites out there, sites like Elance and oDesk. Considering both freelance sites are worthy additions to your own personal freelance arsenal of power, what will it take for you to consider adding a new site – and a new venue – to your repertoire?

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ifreelance Should uFreelance?

Since asks you if you’ve got the kind of metal to make it on their site, let’s approach it with a newbie’s-eye view and the perspective of someone who’s considering joining iFreelance for the first time.

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I'll just say it: this MegaMeeting guy gives me the creeps.

MegaMeeting Review: Worth the Price?

Let’s be honest here: there’s a lot of web conferencing software out there, some better than others. Some way better than others. Some cheaper than others, too. And despite the variety of pricing and interface, the same essential features remain the same: web conferencing, desktop sharing, communication.

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Skype Logo

Skype Review: Powerful Video, Phone, Messaging Tool

Okay, admittedly, this is a review – we’re kind of giving away the ending in the title. But when you consider the reviewer – Dan Kenitz – you have to remember that he has a set of very simple requirements that make a good computer program or service. Read on skypers.

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2 Hosts in the Boxing Ring

The Elance vs. oDesk Battle: Round Two

Maybe I invited it on myself. Since I dubbed my original Elance vs. oDesk article to be “The Ultimate Showdown,” I was displaying a penchant for sarcastic hyperbole that doesn’t always translate very well on the Internet. The audience of Clickfire, of course, savvy as it is, was willing to …

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