Twitter Spam Attack?

Within a few hours time, over 9000 Twitter users retweeted the home page of an online pharmacy site. Here is what I saw through the eyes of Tweetmeme.

Tweetmeme Screenshot 1

Tweetmeme Screenshot 2

Tweetmeme Screenshot 3

Tweetmeme Screenshot 4

Emory Rowland

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  1. Socrates

    why has this spammer not been banned by Twitter yet?

    and… why is tweetmeme following him?

  2. Aww! Yeah that is so annoying with the Tweet-spammers…
    Good example here @Emory!
    @socrates: Well, earlier or later all the spammers get banned by twitter. The problem is here: even if the spammer accounts are only life for a couple of hours in twitter, these accounts (-bots) have enough time to do their annoying Retweets that will be counted in the end by tweetmeme.

    How to prevent that? Well, don´t know. Maybe it is possible to introduce a “minimum lifetime” of the Retweeting twitter accounts to soften this kind of spamming?


  3. Great detective work! Twitter spammers are incredibly annoying, but the platform lends itself to the practice. I tried it today with one of my affiliate products (as a joke — I have a small and loyal following) and the results were incredible! People actually click those tweet links. It’s weird.

    I just unfollow anyone who spams me. It works.

  4. PHP Scripts

    Yes spammers are annoying but everybody wants more followers so most people instead of denouncing them start to follow them!

  5. The problem with twitter is if you are banned you can make easy another account and with this account you can do spam.

  6. Twitter should do something about those spammers because it will not be good for them. Time will come that people will no longer like using Twitter because of these said spammers.

  7. Video Avatar

    Yeah! Spammers like this should be removed. I see a lot of these on twitter, most of them pharmacies and real estate agencies. We should know better when someone follows us or who we follow.

  8. twitter is all about everyone tweeting themselves lately. Its all promotion no one really ever goes on there and clicks the links least thats what I think

    • Emory Rowland

      I have to disagree with you there, Connor. Twitter is very noisy, but I tend to have some people that I follow more closely than others. These, I trust enough to click through on their links. Most of the time it is rewarding. I try to use the lists for filtering out noise.

  9. buyer structured settlement

    SPAMMERS ruin everything.

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