TweetAdder Review: Social Media Automation or One More Worry?

TweetAdder Software - Forget the software, give me that pretty box :)

Man, that is one gorgeous box.

If you ask me, the world of tweeting is fraught with peril. While many people (like Lady Gaga) are able to attract millions of followers in order to generate maximum impact every time they update their “status,” where does that leave the rest of us? Do our 30 followers really care if we’re going to the beach or care to see us quote Tony Robbins for the umpteenth time? I say, no.

But TweetAdder ( looks to optimize the Twitter experience so that there’s less droning and more, well, automating. If you’re a constant Twitter addict who can’t help but search for the latest trends to update, this might be as clean a break from Twitter as you may find short of deleting your account.

Yeah, I know. Blasphemy!

Does this twitter adder software really deliver the goods or is another download your computer doesn’t want to waste space on? Let’s take a closer look and tweet away.

A note from this review’s future: You are probably already aware that TweetAdder has released a 3.0 version. The following review looks at the earlier version of TweetAdder, so let’s address what’s happened since.

TweetAdder 3.0 swooped in and allowed multiple profiles, taking away one of this review’s main complaints. Very good! A few tweaks like saying that your Twitter post has been posted “via Web” instead of “via API” are also welcome changes.

TweetAdder: The Good

You can’t help but be impressed by the many features touted at the site:

  • Increase Twitter Traffic to your product, service, business, band, or website
  • Find Like Minded Twitter Followers Fast
  • Auto Follow Targeted Twitter Profiles
  • Rapidly Increase Niche Twitter followers
  • Multiple Accounts, Unlimited Twitter Profiles
  • Auto Unfollow, VIP Safe List
  • Automate Twitter Posts, Scheduled Tweets, Stay active in participation
  • Automate Direct Messages
  • Deletes Direct Messages
  • Best Twitter Friend Search Capabilities
  • Every Twitter Feature imaginable
  • Spend time on other tasks while the program works for you

Yeesh! With features like that, you’d think they’d charge a fortune. Imagine automating Twitter posts and scheduling tweets a la WordPress!

Okay, so it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but at the right price, it could really be a steal while allowing you to steal back your time. The good news is that TweetAdder comes with a free demo that allows you to try it out without the risk.

Taking no time to soak in the irony that TweetAdder will cost you more than Twitter ultimately, let’s move on to the actual execution of the features.

It’s surprisingly good. Features like automating and scheduling tweets go off without a hitch and are perfect for the traveler who wants to take a vacation without anyone on their Twitter followers list being any the wiser. Sure, you might be a little more unresponsive during these periods of inactivity, but that’s by design. TweetAdder also lets you save time in a myriad of other ways, such as auto-following other people. It’s great if you use Twitter as a business (or optimize other peoples’ social medias as your business) and you need to become more efficient to save money.

That would be worth the investment alone, but if you’re like me, you consider time to be a commodity far more valuable than money. If you’re a Twitter addict and you want to spend money (purchase price for one Twitter profile? $55) in order to save yourself some time, the up-front investment might not be the worst decision you ever made. How many times will you spend $55 on clothes online without knowing how they’ll turn out for you?

If you want to know more about the TweetAdder – including some real-time results after it’s use, you’ll find some lofty praise from, which also offers screenshots in its article. According to

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been using TweetAdder for about a week. And I am not a spammer, so I’ve just been adding a few followers every single day (instead of hundreds). During a week, I have close to 300 new targeted followers at Twitter. And, I’ve spent no more than 20 minutes during the week to get all the followers. Most of the stuff is done by the pust [sic] of a single button.

Not too shabby. Thanks to some screenshots over at, you can also see what TweetAdder functions will look like. How would we describe it? Let’s just say it’s not exactly hardcore technobabble.

TweetAdder 3 software screen shot showing the follow screen

The Bad, or, the Not-So-Good

No program like this is without its flaws, so it’s only fair that we temper our praise with a little bit of bitterness.

First, the price. Seriously, $55 for one Twitter profile? (Editor’s note: does it still count as a con if the new TweetAdder allows multiple profiles? Well, of course not, but we’re not going to deny you an old-fashioned rant anyways. Enjoy.) If I’m not running a Twitter business, I have to give this real thought. If I was someone running a blog with relatively low readership and very few Twitter followers, I’d have to wonder about backward-engineering my social media success without understanding the principles behind it first. Sure, it can be great to use a program to enhance my success, but at $55, I’m sure there are better ways to spend one’s money.

If, however, you’re a much more hardcore Twitter user who lives and dies with every new or deleted follower, this is a must-have. Fifty-five smackers is still not an insubstantial investment, especially when there’s no guarantee of earning any of that money back through the world of social media, but the time it saves you should alone be worth the price of admission.

The upper-tier (read: more profiles) packages from TweetAdder cost into the hundreds without exceeding $200, so if you’re a business and you handle more than one Twitter account, this is even more essential. Write it off as a business expense, manage multiple Twitter accounts, and astonish your clients when you show the your fast results. Just tell them it’s magic.


We’re partial to any type of online time-saver, especially in the world of social media. So, yeah, we’ll admit the TweetAdder tickles our review bone. But overall, the TweetAdder delivers on its promises and really does save you enough time to justify the investment. Just be glad it’s an up-front investment of your money and not a subscription-based model they’re using.

Oops. I don’t think I should give them any ideas.

If you’re on the fence, go ahead and try the demo at before you buy. Definitely worth the few seconds of downloading and installing.

Tweet Adder App

Dan Kenitz

Dan Kenitz is a former professional Search Engine Optimization specialist and current freelance writer, commentator, and all-around entrepreneur.


  1. I have to agree that it is a pretty cool tool but after using their free demo for a few days there is one thing I do not like at all. In order for full automation to run smoothly you MUST NOT turn off your computer.

    Maybe there are some folks who keep their computers running 24/7 but I don’t do that for multiple reasons.

    Conclusion, it is a great package if you don’t turn off your computer and you want full automation to free up your time. If you do have to or want to turn off your computer, maybe look around for another tool that may have these features, if there is one!

    • Emory Rowland

      Yeah, I have noticed that when my machine goes into sleep mode, TweetAdder stops and immediately when I return, it starts back. I have still been able to manage my Twitter followers much better than manually, even with a few interruptions.

  2. lisa

    i got a suspended account very fast when use TweetAdder, don’t understand what wrong

  3. Arpan Kar @ Business Fundas

    Even I know a person who got a suspended account very fast when he used Tweet Adders. these should be used judiciously

  4. I have found that starting off, it has really aggressive settings that I opted to change. You have to be careful not to appear as spam, by not keeping settings on like adding followers every 3-7 minutes. I add followers every 15-20 minutes, and only if my ratio of follow/followers setting allows for it. Also would be a good idea to space out your tweets, probably not a good idea to tweet every 5 minutes. Since I only have like 12 original tweets, I run a tweet every 1 hr. and 30 min. or so, and that seems to be acceptable. So far just started using and it’s working great, would really consider running it on a VPN/VPS so don’t have to keep my computer on 24/7, but unfortunately, that is something that costs a little more money, so maybe in the future. Otherwise, great program!! Just have to use common sense with your settings.

  5. I’d like to know if using the demo we can expect people to follow us back? I don’t think anyone has yet, and we just searched and followed 200 persons (thru the software program). Also can we follow an additional 200 persons the next day just using the demo mode (not paid in yet)?
    3. What is the cost to upgrade from 1 user at $55 to 5 users at $70.. is it just the extra $15 ?
    4. Has anyone really had any real success marketing a product or business offer (in our case doublebatterylife come look offering 20% commission for anyone who can get the first contractwith a factory and get it into the store shelves .. it gleans out twice the energy from ordinary batteries, unbelievable but true and we guarantee it). Thanks for your answers.

    • Emory Rowland

      Invent Peace, here’s my experience after using TweetAdder for, hmm, I guess a couple of years now. The demo mode is not sufficient. I can’t remember exactly what the limitations were but I gave up the demo mode pretty quickly. I’ll let someone else chime in who has used the demo mode recently. If you follow 200 people, a certain percentage will always follow you back as they are using TweetAdder or similar software. The cost for 1 user is $55 and the cost for 5 is $74. You can upgrade. So if you register for one user and decide to upgrade to 5, you can pay an extra $19. As far as real succcess, my reason for purchasing was to be able to build my followers (I built a small account up to 10k followers). I was actually hoping that this number would be much higher but I really cannot complain because I’ve been a passive user. If anyone knows of a similar app that might be better, please list it here.

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