Drop Down Menu Maker

A web site without a menu is like a restaurant without a menu. This drop down menu maker tool helps you create a HTML/javascript drop-down menu, which can be used to guide visitors through your web pages. Fill in some selections and click “Create Drop Down Menu.” Place the code in your web page with steps 1 and 2. Once on your page, users who make a selection will be immediately directed to the desired page in the drop down menu.

Dropdown Title: Appears at top of list.
Selection Number Link Title
Eg: Clickfire Site
Link URL
Eg: http://www.clickfire.com
Selection  1:
Selection  2:
Selection  3:
Selection  4:
Selection  5:
Selection  6:
Selection  7:
Selection  8:
Selection  9:
Selection 10:

Step 1:
Place the script code below between the head tags of your HTML page.

Copy text to clipboard.

Step 2:
Place the HTML drop down menu code below between within the body tags of your HTML page where you want the drop down menu to appear.

Then use Control-C to copy the text into clipboard.