Rapid Deployment URL Launcher

Launch all of your favorite url’s with one click using this new freeware tool

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher

It takes 2 clicks to launch a link from Internet Explorer favorites or Netscape bookmarks. Visiting 20 of your favorite bookmarked websites on your lunch break from work will cost you between 40 and 60 clicks. Rapid Deployment Url Launcher lets you launch all your favorite links at one time with only 1 click.

Rapid Deployment is a simple freeware url launcher tool handy for lazy surfers, Internet addicts, and curious webmasters who want to peak at their competition with one click. It helps save time by allowing you to create, store, and launch a customized list of regularly visited url’s, which can be “rapidly deployed” by pressing one button from the program. Download Rapid Deployment Freeware Version 1.1 or keep reading for details below.

Rapid Deployment was coded by Robert DeArmond

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher Features

  • Opens a customized list of url’s in the default browser with one click
  • Opens windows programs

Download Info

Rapid Deployment Freeware URL launcher Product:

Operating System:
Rapid Deployment URL Launcher
976 Kb
Windows ME/NT/2000/XP
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