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The Best Things in Life are Freeware

Clickfire celebrates freeware over shareware and all other wares or warez. The fact that developers are willing to create software that anyone may use free of charge is exciting. The growth of the Internet owes much to the lone, benevolent programmer. Freeware and Shareware are not at all the same. Freeware does not annoy, time out, pop up, under, behind or around as shareware is apt to do.

Freeware does not make you feel guilty for using it longer than 30 days. It can’t be pirated, and you don’t have to argue with customer service about why you want to return the software. It’s yours to freely use. The best aspect of freeware is the price.

Windows Freeware by Clickfire

Clickfire webmaster freeware has been awarded the highest ratings by Tucows, Rocket Download, Completely Free Software and other software review sites.

Rapid Deployment Freeware URL Launcher Rapid Deployment is a simple freeware tool that allows you to create and launch a customized list of regularly visited url’s, which can be “rapidly deployed” with one click. Webmasters and anyone who surfs a great number of web sites each day may find Rapid Deployment useful.

Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker Metty Freeware Meta Tag Maker generates HTML meta tags, which can help web pages to be properly indexed by search engines and some directories.



Wallop displays a random desktop wallpaper image from

It’s probably not your habit to stop and smell the roses after logging onto your computer. Sometimes it’s nice to have the roses stop for you. The importance of randomly changing desktop wallpaper should never be overlooked.

Wallop displays a random bitmap image from your Windows directory each time you start your computer (via a shortcut in your startup directory), then automatically shuts itself down. There are no preferences, options, or settings of any kind. Simply install, forget, and enjoy the roses. In fact, no screen shot is available because Wallop doesn’t even open a window or form of any kind.

Wallop Features

  • Displays a random bitmap as desktop wallpaper from your Windows directory each time you start your computer.
  • Automatically shuts down, conserving system resources

*Note: does not support Active Desktop or Windows XP

Download Wallop
Product: Wallop Version 1.0
Size: 1338 kb
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
License: Freeware

your Windows directory each time you start your computer.


Palm Beach County Ballot

The Palm Beach County Ballot. Did you vote for George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election? Let’s see you try to do it again. No matter who you vote for or how many times you cast your ballot, the results always seem the same.

Did you vote in the 2000 U.S. presidential election in Florida? Even if you don’t live in the sunshine state, try and vote for Bush, Nader, Browne or anyone else and you will see the frustrating reality that your ballot has been cast for Gore. That’s what happens when you vote with the Palm Beach County Ballot, which uses humor to make a frightening political point.

Download Ballot
Palm Beach County Ballot
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP