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The Planet Hosting Datacenter in Houston Texas

Douglas Hanna visited The Planet Hosting’s corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas and brought home some great pictures of life in a full fledged web hosting facility including these datacenter images. Check out those beautiful server racks!

The Planet Hosting Datacenter in Houston Texas 2

The Planet Hosting Datacenter in Houston Texas 3

Emory Rowland

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  1. William

    You guys suck and you never give me pictures about what I’m looking for. O hurry up and get me some proper pictures!

  2. john

    so that’s what it looks like now. Much better. I used to work there back when it was rackshack/Ev1Servers

  3. me

    Looks pretty crappy IMO

  4. Netfirms Web Hosting

    Looks nice! I have seen some pretty rough web hosts, who don’t even have racks.

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