The Planet Datacenter Catches Fire

Road Sign: Truck Crashes into Data Center

In Houston, Texas, a transformer in The Planet H1 datacenter caught fire. The fire department required them to take down all generators.

This serious outage is impacting around 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers. An explosion blew down three walls surrounding the electrical equipment room. No injuries were reported.

In late 2007 a traffic accident caused a transformer failer in the Dallas datacenter of Rackspace, a leading dedicated hosting company.

The Planet is the world’s number 1 privately held, dedicated server hosting provider and fourth-largest web hosting provider with more than 500 employees according to Web site.

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Pics from Inside the Datacenter

The Planet Datacenter

The Planet Datacenter


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  1. stoner

    The planet told everyone to go to the forums, but when you ask questions you get no answers and if you ask what some feel are the wrong questions one of the planets managers calling customers trolls. When I posted telling this manager it was sad to see a company manager calling customers trolls as anyone that has spent any time on the Internet knows calling someone a troll is getting close to using the “N” word with someone.

    After I posted that it was sad, he banned me from posting anymore comments. I have yet to receive any contact from his bosses (I sent copies of the comment to all of them) so I can only assume that they are aware or feel the same way about the customer.

    Folks systems fail, it is just how it is. But to then have the company call it’s customers trolls for asking about info related to the service that company is being paid to provide is just too much for me. I have moved my server and I know many who once they get the rest of their data from their servers will be gone as well. I feel the planet should know that for some of these folks the last straw was your manager calling the customers trolls.

    In years to come when things are calmed down what will be remembered about this whole incident is how at a time of crisis the customers were called TROLLS by management

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