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How do you spend your Sunday afternoons? Not long ago, I’d reserved the day to perform some webmasterly duties I’d been putting off and unleash some fresh creative energy upon the design of a new site or two. I had struck a bargain with my wife that she could have Saturday if I could have Sunday. Saturday would involve us driving around town to fulfill various commercial tasks she had prioritized (shopping) and which I would commit to enjoy. Sunday, oh Sunday. I could do whatever I wanted: political TV shows, pc gaming, heavy metal music and of course making my web sites better!

I decided on performing maintenance tasks first. Later I could do the fun creative stuff like playing around with new graphics or design for web sites. I checked the Clickfire Webmaster Directory and saw that it contained about 150 link submissions, all of which were spam (I’ll never undertand people who see a positive value in spam). I’d guess that at least 90% of directory submissions received are either spam or submitted in blatant disrespect of the very reasonable and modest guidelines for submitting a link. Directory scripts have become so sophisticated and feature rich that webmasters can instantly approve or disapprove large numbers of links. So, as I had done many times before, I would select all the evil spam links and laughingly whisk them away to meet their fate in the depths of the recycling bin. The only problem is that this time, instead of selecting “Delete,” I selected the other option. Can you guess what that was? APPROVE!

The very spamnable thing that every webmaster loathes from the depth of his soul, I had just allowed to appear on my site: V|agra, p()ker, p[]rn, etc. After the smoke and tears had cleared and my wife had calmed me down enough to realize that there was still a reason to live, I logged onto phpMyAdmin and began squashing all the ill-approved sites. Throughout the process, I lost a few good sites but managed to get rid of the offending ones. This took one to two hours and my nerves were wrecked for the rest of the day. The moral of this story is be careful where you click!

Emory Rowland

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