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Just saw this posted at Jim Boykin’s blog.

Ever have one of those arrghhh… I wish I had thought of that moments? This is a case of I wish I had thought of that and it is so cool that I still want to do it.

This is may be the best example of link baiting that I have ever seen. Judging by the buzz I’ve been seeing today, the bait is being taken. The game is a simple Flash game and not very entertaining, but that matters not. What matters is that it’s about SEO and that someone has taken the time to develop a funny game around what search marketers do every day. The object of the game is to punch out the various search engine guideline violating characters until the referee, Matt Cutts (who else), gives you a thumbs up.

Here’s an excerpt from the GSINC press release about the SEO game:

UK company GSINC Ltd today launched an online game dedicated to webmaster guidelines.

Covering the basics of search engine guidelines laid down to help webmasters, the SEO game is the latest educational experience by the Birmingham based firm GSINC who have previously produced a range of tutorial videos to help webmasters.

The latest game takes a light hearted look at the somewhat controversial debate of black hat versus white hat website marketing strategies in the form on an online game. The player has to fight their way through a number of search engine enemies. Some of the characters include a hidden text kid, duplicate content girl and there is even a Spam lord to do battle with.

SEO Game Opponent: Keyword Stuffer

This character, Keyword Stuffer, reminds me of the boss in Doom. 

Matt Cutts

Ever pull up your Web site’s rankings and get this?

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  1. Paul Bradish

    The game over picture of Matt Cutts is classic :)

  2. Emory Rowland

    Agreed. What will they think of next, a Matt Cutts’ cartoon series?

  3. BlogOxide

    Rightly said, SEO is the latest educational experience. And as far as the characters are concerned in online game, duplicate content and spammy thing really gives tough time!

  4. Motorized Fun

    OMG this game is hilarious man. Yes its simple. Yes its just a rehash of 50 more. Yes its even kinda CHEESY, but man its funny.

    Give whole new meaning to fighting for the top ranks

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