Paid Links Post Crashing Matt Cutt’s Site?

If you want to get a feel for how controversial Google’s new paid links reporting policy is becoming among webmasters, take a look at these screen shots from the Google SERPs a few days ago. Over 600 comments appeared on Google engineer Matt Cutt’s blog post entitled “How to Report Paid Links.”  Judging by the whirlwind of debate that followed, both on the Cutts blog and many SEO blogs, I’d say the post seems to have caught many webmasters off guard and left them upset. The flurry of comments appear to have pushed the limits of the WordPress blogging software used by Google indexed the error:


This is what came up when I tried to access the actual page:

WordPress Error

If you missed all the fun, here are some great posts on the paid links controversy: - Matt Cutts Revisits Google Rankings & Paid Links

Emory Rowland

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  1. Andy Beard

    I have had that happen on my site a couple of times, and it is often caused by my hosting doing some maintenance and shuffling databases.
    Daily backups are vital when running WordPress

  2. SEO digg

    Good for him. I personally cannot stand him. So I am happy that the topic which will cause webmasters a loss of income and an added work has caused his blog to crash. too bad it didn’t completely disappear.

  3. The paid links issue really gets me boiling. Google suggests that one way to promote your site is to get inbound links. Then they penalize you for buying paid links. Of course I know that paid links shouldn’t have the same value as natural links, but they shouldn’t get you penalized either. I like Google, but when a company becomes a monopoly they become dangerous. Microsoft did great things for the PC and helped create the technology and Internet boom we are living in now, but they also hurt other companies that might have done even more (we will never know). Now Google is dominating and is on the edge of becoming the next Microsoft.

  4. ChrisTaylor

    I don’t really worry what the search engines say! I just link for the purposes of getting people to my site and advertising it’s resources.

    Overall the linking pans out and you get rankings in the search engines anyway… do what makes you money and be customer focused is the best bet.

    When you logically think about how a search engine is set up, there’s no way all the good sites can get the rankings and traffic they deserve so that’s why it’s best to diversify your advertising and not soley rely on the SE’s.

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