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This review of Netfirms doesn’t qualify as one of our hands on reviews, but never-the-less, we’ve taken some good observations here to help get things rolling. Netfirms is undoubtedly a world leader in website hosting and domain name registration. The company offers comprehensive features at an economical price. Netfirms supports over 1.2 million businesses and individuals in getting their websites online. Netfirms is committed to providing easy web hosting solutions for beginners along with advanced flexible features for hardened webmasters.

Netfirms’ web hosting service includes 3 types of plans, each serving the needs of large corporate firms, medium and small sized businesses and individual users. Netfirms web hosting has set industry benchmarks by offering some of the best web hosting products to its customers. There are advanced features like multiple domain names, high storage, bandwidth and data transfer rates and capacity, fully integrated web based file manager that allows instant remote website editing. The three Netfirms web hosting plans are:

  • Netfirms Advantage is the best value and highest selling Netfirms web hosting product. Like all the Netfirms web hosting products it also promises great web hosting features and advantages to the clients. With 2000 MB disk space, 100 GB month data transfer, 100 email accounts, 10 mySQL databases and a 24/7 expert technical support, this offer is surely not to leave. Plus, you get 2 domain names absolutely free of cost. Add to it advantage of feature rich e-commerce pro shopping cart along with $25 worth of Google AdWords credit it surely comes in cheap at just $9.95 a month.
  • Netfirms Business is an ideal web hosting product for large corporate firms. It provides 5 domain names for lifetime, 3 GB disk space, 150 GB monthly data transfer, 200 email accounts, 20 MySQL databases, e-commerce pro shopping cart, and $35 worth of Google AdWords Credit.
  • Netfirms Plus is designed especially for individuals who want to get their website hosted for $4.95 a month and also get 500 MB disk space, 10 GB data transfer, 10 email accounts, Netfirms picture pro photo gallery, FrontPage Exts. & PHP Scripting and 24/7 expert technical support.

For the novice web publishers who want to test waters for web hosting, Netfirms offers a basic free web hosting plan that can be availed along with domain name registration. This basic plan offers free web design software, 25 MB disk space, E-mail and 24/7 FTP access. However, to keep this plan free, all sites are sponsored by banner advertisements. The one possible disadvantage of Netfirms free web hosting and domain names registration is that your web pages might get too cluttered with sponsored ads and banners. You must optimize your web page space so that all these ads are accommodated without choking the page flow.

Getting a domain name registered for as low as $4.95 a year is a great way to build your brand power. And to build it with Netfirms web hosting is certainly a serious option keeping in mind the added perks of the package. These added perks include 24/7 technical supports, personalized web based email account, and web based domain manager. Netfirms backs their business class products with a money back guarantee.

Price: $4.95

Visit: Netfirms

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  1. Aju Chacko

    One of the worst service for less amount.

  2. andres

    I’m really upset, I know that netfirms do not charge a lot for domain registration and for that reason plus tons of advertising netfirms have many businesses but this could be the cause that netfirms have been making “mistakes or failures” frequently.

    I bough my domain name whit netfirms, some days after I try to get it for the first time but I can not get access, I sent a email about this issue, netfirms answer me that the payments was not executed… next I contact then, and the answer was that netfirms need a scan of my credit card.. I did it so and email to netfirms.. But after that netfirms said that them do no receive the mail “sorry…

    I reviewed my sent folder emails and everything works well, no deliveries failures etc.

    I was so worry, that my info is floating around the internet (nobody knows) jeopardizing my identity, money etc.
    I have to call my bank to cancel my credit card and them told me that netfirms have 2 cases more with the same firm…

    So do match… failures on systems or corrupted employees…

    Is up to you.
    From my Part never again whit netfirms

  3. Justin

    I have 2 account with netfirms and I found their panel to be simple, yet easy to manipulate. I am using over 100GB space and 1,000GB bandwidth and they never had a problem with this.

    I am sorry to hear with your experience. They have always required me to scan the CC but just the last numbers. So I guess that’s not really an issue.

  4. I don’t use netfirms for hosting of any kind, but I register all of my names through them (100+ domain names now).

    While it’s annoying that they try to sell all the crap, if you get in there and know what you want though, just register a domain, Netfirms is great. The control panel gives you easy control over the domains, and customer service is great. It used to be 4.95 a domain so you could only have 5 per e-mail address…as such I used dozens of e-mail addresses at first, and support never had a problem listing the domains associated with each address for me, or combining domains into one account.

    While the price is continually rising and I dont know about the hosting, netfirms is a top notch registrar!

  5. MF

    I got exactly the same experience with netfirms. They ask me to send a copy of my credit card to them. Such practice is abnormal, they don’t even have a privacy policy telling me how long they’ll keep my credit card image. If you go to a restaurant and the waiter make a copy of your credit card when you pay, it is obviously a fraud and I’m going to call the police immediately.

    I’m very regret for using it. Hope I could get a way to revoke my order and register my domains elsewhere.

  6. Mark

    I don’t usually take the time to write reviews online unless I’ve got something bad to say but in this case I’d have to say my experience with Netfirms and their billing, while at first kind of sucked, was explained to me and in the end actually made sense.

    I’m a web developer and have many clients so I’ve got a few accounts with Netfirms and the first time they asked me to fax in my credit card I was floored. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing any company could ask. I decided to call them to clarify as there was no way I was sending in my credit card. One of the billing reps was able to clarify that they only required the last 4 #’s from the card and the name on the card to verify that I owned the account. I was free to block all info on the card except last 4 #’s. I did so and within 24 hours I had access to my stuff again. I was also assured that they would never ever ask for a full credit card to be sent in.

    Concerned about my safety I checked around with some of the other hosting companies only to find that some of their security policies were horrible. Hostgator for example will let YOU call THEM and as long as they can verify the phone number in call display, thats good enough for them.. really? anyone now-a-days can spoof phone #s in call display.

  7. Alex

    I have been using Netfirms for about 2 years now, with no problems that I can remember. I have about 30 domains with them and 15 web sites. (The rest of the domains are either parked or multiple names point to one website.) It all works easily. Their control panel is unique to them, but you can do what you need. The few times I called support I was talking to a person in a few minutes who actually knew what they were talking about.

    I have no idea about what is said above about faxing a credit card. Every time I have ordered something, including sometimes changing the card number, I just fill it in the number and that’s it. My only gripe with them is that things like ordering a new domain take some time to set up. Could be a couple of hours, or the next day if it is late at night. But that is a pretty minor gripe. Also the control panel is not the fastest response.

    I am happy with Netfirms.

  8. Upset


    I am new to Net firms, and a bit confused. You see I purchased the hosting plan, and received emails indicating thanks for my purchase and info on how to proceed with setting up my website.

    Then I later received an email from a staff Karine, asking me to scan my card and email her. At first she asked for the last 4 digits and when I responded indicating that I am not comfortable with this, she requested the 1st and last 4 digits.

    Now…come on…people…this is not right. There are other ways to prevent fraud and scanning your card and sending it over the internet for others to access is not right. I am speaking with my lawyer…so NET FIRMS better be careful.

    This is infringing on rights, and as such they are committing fraud by requesting this information. They never give concrete reasons and just so expect persons to be so foolish.


  9. Rus Miller

    I suspect that the positive reviews above are actually Netfirms employees (or maybe slaves, they’re that unethical). Whichever, don’t listen to them when they say that Netfirms is a good hosting company. It is NOT.

    Their customer service is beyond horrible. They do not respond to support emails for literally DAYS and it takes, seriously, an hour and a half to get someone on the phone. Once you have someone, they will put you back on hold for 10 minutes or longer while they search for the answer. Unfortunately, after you’ve spent all that time talking to them they do not follow through with their promises to fix the problem.

    We have had nothing but bad experiences with them and it is likely that we will not receive a refund for the hosting non-service, nor for the days wasted attempting to get a satisfactory resolution to our issues.

    Stay FAR away and spread the word that Netfirms will steal your money.

  10. Zain

    Agreed Rus Miller*
    Wht Happens Whn A Godaddy Customer goes to Netfirms
    for a Domain Registration Just Bought a Domain With Netfirms
    After Checkout it Said Registered Now What u Call Registered by
    NetFirms Now After 10 Hours I Have Got a Mail Frm Netfirms
    Saying Your Domain Is Already Registered by Someone Else
    At the Same time

    I Would Say NetFirms Sucks Big Time
    OneThing More It Took a Few Hours To Register the domain
    whereas Godaddy time is just a few seconds

  11. Hi Mark,

    I’m the owner of hostgator and I can assure you we do not confirm accounts based on the phone number matching number on files. It’s possible a tech may have done this before, but this is against company policy and anyone found doing this would be severely reprimanded if not fired.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at brent@hostgator.com
    “Hostgator for example will let YOU call THEM and as long as they can verify the phone number in call display, thats good enough for them”

  12. Value Privacy

    I have a hosting account with Netfirms and now I was shocked to find out that they sold my account information to Google.
    I received a addressed mailer from Google, offering me $100 in free credit , if I open up an Adword account with Google.
    The mailed has a Google’s phone and PO Box return address in Canada and Netfirms name. It is addressed to my personal and the business name.
    I was shocked that Netfirms would violate my trust and broke fiduciary duty by providing Google with account information that I would value as very private.
    I called Netfirms about it. First the sales rep denied, that said that mailing originated with them. It is clearly Google’s address at PO Box 190, Fort Erie, On L2A 5M9
    And the phone number 1-877-906-7955. I feel that Netfirms has no decency and they might as well give my information to Mafia, rather than Google.
    I wonder, if anybody has similar experience with violation of privacy. I feel that a class action against the offender should be started.

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