Link Building, Web Designer Style

Web Design SEO Fail: Can we put a link to our site to the footer of your site (designed by our company name)? If no – we require additional payment of 20% of total price.

So this is how web designers get all those of links. This might work for most folks, but not me. Recently I asked for an estimate from several web design firms for a new project. One of the web design firms replied with a rather lengthy questionairre for to fill out and return. When I saw number 5, I stopped cold, yelled loudly, then closed the questionairre. One thing I am not going to do is pay a web designer 20% of the project price to keep his link off of my site.

Emory Rowland

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  1. This has always bugged me too. I feel like alot of designers take liberties with this.

  2. 20% is waaaay too high! And it’s not even reasonable to charge another fee if you don’t include their site on your webpage (IMO) because you have already paid for their services if you let them design your website.

  3. No respectable web designer would do that. Sounds like internet trash.

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