InMotion Hosting – The Web Host Few Know

Try googling InMotion Hosting (review) and you’re sure to find what I did last year when I began a new search for what I hoped would be my last web hosting provider. I couldn’t find anything bad said about them! As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much about them at all with the exception of their site’s info being listed.

I even checked many of the popular web hosting forums and zilch! Most had not even heard of InMotion. The few that had really had nothing to offer outside of rumor or gossip. I found this to be a pleasant surprise and went to their web site to have a look around. What I found was, in my opinion, a possible place to host my sites long into the future.

They’ve been around since 2001 and the fact that to this day, one cannot find hardly anything bad said about them speaks volumes. Especially in this day and age of ‘dogging out’ any web host who, in a customer’s view, has done them a disservice.

InMotion Hosting, like many others out there, offers several plans to choose from such as Dedicated, VPS, Business Class Hosting and Personal/Cheap Hosting. In keeping with the rest of the competition, upon deciding on what plan best suits your needs, InMotion offers you the opportunity to upgrade at any time as your needs grow.

What impressed me is their Support Teams are right here in the USA. Seeing as I’m in the US too, that’s a plus for me. They can be reached in several ways too like toll-free phone, email and Support Ticket. What little I’ve needed to contact Support has been done in way under an hour. I give their response times top marks. I’m not referring to the auto-response email either but their actual response from an actual person. No canned replies either. The ones I’ve received were personable and tailored to my particular issue.

They have 2 DC’s (data centers) now on opposite coasts which to me makes a lot of sense. One is in Los Angeles, CA and the other is in Washington, D.C. They even allow subscribers of their VPS and Business Class hosting plans to choose which DC to host their data in. They call it their ‘Max Speed Zone Enabled’ offer.

I won’t get into the technical details of the how’s and what for’s but as a testimonial to the perceived speed increase, I asked that my data be transferred from the west coast DC to the one on the east coast upon discovering this new feature that InMotion offered. I actually just asked about it in a Support Ticket and they told me that it’d be no problem at all. This was after being hosted with them for around 8 months at the time. No charge for the move either!

Needless to say, I was again impressed. And the perceived increase in speed? They were right on with it too. My site’s load times decreased markedly plus my emails seemed to follow suit. Two of my sites are WordPress installations, one of which has a fair amount of traffic.

I know there’s a lot of web hosts out there. Many of them are resellers. Some are good, some are bad and some just plain outshine the rest. This last category is the one I’d place InMotion Hosting in. So much so that I became an affiliate for them. I don’t see much traffic for it and to date haven’t had anyone sign up to my knowledge off of the affiliate link. But still, I’m impressed enough to advertise for them on my site. Call me biased if you want but when you find a good deal, especially in web hosting, you let others know!

I can sum up my impressions with InMotion Hosting in 5 ways:

  • Honest (very big in my book!)
  • Reliable (no down time to date)
  • Great Support Team (no canned replies, professional, courteous and friendly)
  • Fair Pricing (no surprises, you get what you pay for)
  • An impressive 90 day money back guarantee

In a nutshell, InMotion Hosting is the sleeper race car of the web hosting industry! You don’t think much about it until you notice that what they’ve sold you is what you’re paying for. In other words, you’re getting your money’s worth and a whole lot more.

On a side note, I don’t work for InMotion Hosting nor am I being paid to write this for them or in their behalf. I just think that much of them and in this era of always seeing the bad about people and companies, to me, it’s nice to see the good about them from time to time too.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is good friend of Clickfire and an avid Linux hobbiest who has a background in web design that reaches back to 1999. He also worked for a web host based in California as a remote CSR where he learned about the web hosting industry.


  1. Emory Rowland

    Scott, thanks for sharing the good info about InMotion and especially your own experience with this host. The part about having a datacenter on each coast is interesting. Maybe InMotion should tout that more. I’ve been hearing about InMotion a lot lately. I’d love to hear more and even do a full blown review here.

  2. ScottW

    Thanks Emory! Per the DC on the east and west coasts, they’re beginning to advertise this more now plus if any of their existing clients on the Business or VPS plans would like their data moved to the DC closest to them, it can be done by submitting a ticket to Support. No charge either! That’s a good move for InMotion Hosting from a PR standpoint. So seeing as they stand behind their product and service, this makes them even more desirable for a web host.

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