HostGator vs. HostICan (Jumpline)

Editor’s note: This appeared on the HostICan Blog January 10, 2011, Posted by Jason Beyke

HostICan is now a part of Jumpline, Inc.

HostICan is excited to announce that Jumpline, Inc. has acquired HostICan and its hosting operations! With the acquisition finalized, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a little background on Jumpline and introduce you to the “Customer Manager” system.

About Jumpline, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Jumpline is a well established, privately owned web hosting company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. As a leader in the web hosting industry Jumpline provides top-end hosting solutions to over 150,000 business and personal websites. Learn more.

About Customer Manager

HostICan customers will have immediate access to the NEW Customer Manager. The Customer Manager, which replaces the previous HostICan billing and support systems, is a complete customer management system. The Customer Manager which is also know as the CM, provides customers the ability to manage all aspects of their account. Within the CM customers can view and pay invoices, submit support tickets, order new products or services, and update contact information.

To help answer questions you may have related to the CM, we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions after reviewing the FAQ’s please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-207-0243 or 1-614-859-1171 and we’d be glad to help! Thank you for your time, we look forward to servicing your hosting needs now and well into the future!

HOSTICAN, a Jumpline company

HostGator (review), now based in Houston, started operations in 2002 as a Florida based company. A 1,300 mile drive northeast takes you to the home of HostICan (review), a company that was born in 2003 in Glen Allen, Virginia. While HostGator strives to “eat up the competition,” HostICan is busy providing “Unmetered Bandwidth.” The two hosts occupy similar areas of the hosting market. This review comparing HostGator and HostICan will look at the details of each in order to allow you to make an informed decision to select the right host.

Both HostGator and HostICan offer shared and dedicated hosting. HostGator also provides reseller hosting and HostICan provides Virtual Private hosting. The offerings of each host are summarized below:

Shared: Linux (and Windows was coming soon at time of writing)
Reseller: Linux
Dedicated: Linux (Red Hat and CentOS) and Windows
Control Panel: cPanel for Linux, Plesk for Windows

Shared: Linux
Virtual Private Servers: Linux and Windows
Dedicated: Linux and Windows
Control Panel: cPanel for Linux, Plesk for Windows
Merchant Accounts

If you are in need of a specific type of hosting the above information is helpful in deciding which host to choose. For example, if there is an interest in reseller hosting, the choice must be HostGator because HostICan does not provide this service.


One of the main things that sets HostICan apart from their competition is that they offer unlimited bandwidth on their second tier plans. They offer two tiers of hosting plans in each hosting category: The first tier is limited bandwidth, and the second is the unlimited. HostGator only offers unlimited bandwidth on their highest shared hosting plan, but not on any other plans. Therefore if unlimited bandwidth is of value on VPS or dedicated plans, HostICan may be the choice to make. Unlimited bandwidth from HostICan can only be used for website related content, so the bandwidth cannot be used to host a download site. HostGator does not allow torrents.


Support provided can often set two hosts apart. In the case of HostGator and HostICan, both hosts provide 24/7 support via toll-free numbers and email. Live chat is available from HostGator around the clock, but is provided by HostICan only during certain hours. Take a look at each host’s respective reviews individually for more information regarding the quality of support each host provides.

Money Back Guarantees

There are other important concerns when comparing hosts such as uptime and money-back guarantees. Both HostGator and HostICan guarantee 99.9% uptime. HostGator “eats up” the competition with their money-back guarantee of 45 days while HostICan provides the industry standard of 30 days. Both hosts also offer rewarding affiliate programs.


When choosing between HostGator and HostICan it will likely come down to what services each offers as they are both quality hosts. The specific numbers for price, disk space and bandwidth change often so check them out right before you are about to buy and see where each hosts stands for what you are looking for. If you need virtual private hosting, the choice has to be HostICan, but if you need reseller hosting you have to go with HostGator. Although you are bound to be satisfied with either host, the details can often be the difference between simply being satisfied and being happy with a host.


Kyle Summers

Kyle is a skilled web developer who writes web hosting reviews and host vs. host comparisons at Clickfire.


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