1. Hey, wanna exchange with my pc? I use Celeron 336. That’s just 1/4 or even 1/6 of your computer price…

    (Restrain myself from drooling – opps… just dreaming of playing WoW with that computer)

  2. Donald

    I love Half-Life2 too, but Team Fortress 2 got my heart. We just setup a server with colocation service from Nationwide Bandwidth and everything is great!

  3. cLaPPer

    You should give Quake Wars another chance. Turn the resolution up to 1600×1200, and turn all the graphics options on. It is quite impressive. I plan to keep playing my copy. Especially since soon there will be a native Linux client.

  4. Acopic - Web Design

    I think half-life2 is awesome although I have to agree with Clapper that you should give Quake Wars another chance. Never tried Team Fortress 2 but I’ve heard good things about it.

  5. settop104

    Haha that’s excellent :p

  6. h'ozerdem

    Funny that is :)

  7. jase

    that is really funny

  8. Tom

    Hey, how’d you do that?… please reply, thanks.

  9. Emory Rowland

    Tom, I’m not sure how he made that spray logo, but I usually just make a file in Photoshop and save it as a 256X256 .tga, then import into the game.

  10. Trash Talking Guy

    As the trash talking employee i am offended. You have made me rank #1 in Google for the term trash talking guy. Thanks a lot!

  11. Emory Rowland

    Hey Trash Talking Guy, those Google SERPs can be as humiliating as the Half-Life 2 crowbar :)

  12. BST

    don’t you love putting people in their place? lol

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