The Inevitable Google is Updating Forum Thread


It’s spring time in the United States. Flowers are a’blooming and SEO’s are stirring about the discussion forums and pollinating threads. Forums rock, but one annoyance I have is the same topics seem to get posted over and over. This is due to the way forum software is designed–threads asking/answering the same question descend into the nether regions of unbumped posts and eventually get buried.

As sure as the seasons, every SEO knows that Google updates toolbar PageRank and backlinks about 4 times each year. It’s quite comical to observe how one person, usually a newbie, posts a new thread in the webmaster forums announcing that he is not sure, but he may have discovered a Google update is underway. Lurkers chime in, questioning, rebutting, ridiculing in prosaic banter until finally everyone agrees that a Google update has occurred. Then, there remains only one thing to be said.

“Google is updating.”

“I’m seeing changes.”

“Me too!”

“I don’t see anything. Wait, now I do.”

“When is the next update?”

The inevitable “Google is updating forum thread” became such an annoyance at SitePoint that the Google Forum moderator posted a sticky thread explaining the frequency of Google PR updates and warning members not to “start any new threads asking about when the next update will occur.” I checked a few forums and quickly picked out the Google update threads. Like the seasons, I doubt that this ritual will ever change.

Emory Rowland

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  1. azrin

    yeah, they hit out at popular blogs who Ping them too often.
    Make sure your sitemap is in order and all running A-OK or else….I suffered a huge drop last time.

  2. stacy

    I am trying to find out when google is updating the pr. I have been a pr 2 for a while now and I have added a lot of backlinks and still nothing.

  3. Ken Durham

    LOL – This subject always make me chuckle, seeing everyone bragging or complaining at update time. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage to convince someone that has their eye stuck on that little green Google Bar, that they should instead be more interested in that traffic graph in their Google Analytics and in their sales/income report for that month. Frankly, aside from personal gratification, about the only good thing I have ever seen from a PR update is when trying to flip a site.

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