9 Reasons to Link to George Fischer’s SEO Lair

Celebrate George's Birthday - Link to the SEO Lair Blog

  1. Today is George Fischer’s birthday!
  2. He’s a nice guy and will probably link back to you.
  3. Help George rank for his name in Google instead of a piping manufacturer with obscene numbers of backlinks.
  4. Get SEO tips from a blogger who regularly tests ideas and pushes the limits to find answers.
  5. Another excuse to get the text “SEO” on your SEO Blog.
  6. You’ll get a new Twitter friend.
  7. SEO Lair (www.seolair.com) is an up and coming blog – get to know George before he becomes an inaccessable A-Lister!
  8. If you’re a beginner SEO, ask George that question that’s been bugging you and I bet you’ll get the answer you need.
  9. He’s a SEO Manager at a top search engine marketing agency: Response Mine Interactive.

George Fischer of SEO Lair
George Fischer sketch courtesy of Brendan Alberts

Emory Rowland

Emory Rowland is editor and keeper of the flame at Clickfire. He's a fanatical blogger, entrepreneur and builder of Internet things from way back. Emory's love for social media and success with organic search led him to start a SEO consulting venture. Apart from the Internet, he could be considered by many as pretty worthless. More...

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  1. Page1Hosting | Prashant

    Pretty Witty!

    I can think of another reason to link:
    He’ll send you a bag of pretzels for christmas :)

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