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To the lazy, the budget conscious, the busy, the bored
A while back I had some web templates done up with the thought of selling them as part of a project that never materialized. Recently I started thinking about these templates just sitting there on my hard-drive not benefiting anyone. The more I thought about this, the more it bothered me. Not that they are the sexiest designs or most Web 2.0 looking graphics that you will see. They are simple, HTML table templates–not done with divs. But, they are what I would consider professional grade and not bad looking in my opinion. So, I decided to post some of the good ones so you can download and use them if you want. The designer who originally put the templates together for me didn’t code them with valid HTML/CSS, so I had to go back into the code and tidy them up. I have created these website templates below to share with you.

Really, why are you doing this?

It hurts to give these away, but it also feels good. There is an indescribable blessing that I’ve enjoyed over the years of having given away free stuff on Clickfire. As a Christian believer, I can’t help but recall scriptures like “it is more blessed to give than receive” and “give and it shall be given unto you.” Giving can be addictive, especially when site visitors write in and say how much they appreciate it or how something you gave away has helped them do their job easier.

A less dignified reason also comes to mind. There are one or two large template download sites that annoy me for reasons I don’t want to talk about. I will say that I have personally purchased web templates from one particular popular template site and found them painfully difficult to edit because of graphical slugs and other code anomalies, probably a result of someone trying to design a template to make a quick buck. So here am I having bought a template that is supposedly going to save time and money because I should be able to just change the “company name” text and throw this little baby online in minutes. Hours later I am starring into my screen wondering why I didn’t just design the site from scratch. To my recollection, none of the templates that I have used from this large template site have ever validated. Many seem heavy on Flash and not at all designed with SEO in mind. Oh, and the prices. Exclusive licenses can be 40 times the price of the regular cheap templates that they resell ad infinitum.

There is actually one more reason I am doing this, but I can’t tell you yet. Hint: this is a big year, er, decade for Clickfire.

I like customizing templates for my own projects and am not ashamed to say so. Sometimes I’d honestly prefer to play a PC game than design a custom website, as much as I might enjoy it. Here’s a secret if you haven’t guessed already: I am not an outstanding web designer. I get impatient and tend to take shortcuts. I am actually color deficient as well.

These free website templates should be an option if you need to get a quick site up and running that looks decent. I truly hope that you get some benefit from these. I will update this post and the newsletter as more templates are published. Post your impressions of the templates here. Are they usable? Did you find any bugs? Do you like them or are they a waste of time? Be honest, I can take it.

Every webmaster on the planet seems to offering free website templates and if there are webmasters in other parts of the galaxy, I am sure they are offering free website templates to their site visitors. Now it’s our turn. We think that you will find these free website templates both visually attractive and SEO friendly. Enjoy customizing them to suite your own design tastes. The templates are indeed free or “FREE” to download, customize and use for your web design projects or client websites. Though free, we have included a license to restrict renegade webmasters and marketers from getting carried away :)

Who can benefit from free website templates?

Busy, lazy, budget conscious or SEO-challenged web designers/marketers are the best candidates we can think of. Why is Clickfire giving away website templates? We’re still figuring this one out, but as you know, we’re no strangers to giving away webmaster freebies. I hope these and the other free website templates will help improve the efficiency and profitability of your sites.

Metallic Website Template

Metallic Website Template

Download | Preview


Free Directory Template

Directory Website Template

Download | Preview


Free Web Hosting Template

Free Web Hosting Template

Download | Preview



  • Unpack the files to a directory on your local machine
  • Upload the HTML directory to your domain
  • Edit as needed


  • FTP to upload
  • HTML/Text Editor to customize HTML
  • Photoshop (if you want to edit original psd files)


Free, just don’t sell them.

Please post any bugs, complaints or comments in this thread.

Q & A’s

How do I Code a Search Box on a Clickfire Free Website Template?

Dear Webmaster
I would like to take the time to thank you for your free templates. I downloaded the gaming template and it is so cool it is going to help my game site. I have just one question for you. Can you please tell me how I code the search box so my visitors can find my games by searching my site or were I can find a code for it?
Thank you,

PS as soon as I get the template uploaded on my site I will send you a link to it.

Hi Ron,

Thanks very much for the kind remarks about the template. I hope template serves you well.

The search box is there in case you have an existing database you can connect to. How the search box is coded would depend on the type of database installed on your web server. There are also search services hosted offsite that can return results from your website. The easiest thing to do to make your site searchable is to create a Google Custom Search Engine with Google Co-op.

You can even see your search stats with a Google CSE.

I use Google Custom Search on Clickfire at the top right of every page. You can even use it with Google AdSense if you have an account. Let me know how it works, if you try it.

Thanks again,


Can I Remove Copyright from Clickfire Free Website Templates?

Great Website!!
I would Like to use one of your templates to build a small website. Could I buy the right to have copyright notice deleted from the footer?
Thank you,

Hi Ian,

No worries, you can remove the copyright. In fact the license says you can remove anything you want on it, including the link attribution, as long as you don’t distribute it:

“You may install, modify and use multiple copies of the templates free of charge.”

I always like it when webmasters link to Clickfire, but I want that link to be out of free will and not forced. I hope you enjoy the template and go build yourself a great website!


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  3. Emory Rowland

    Get a domain
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    Upload a template
    Add your content

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