Free Web Hosting?

Free Web Hosting Cartoon

Dan Rosandich

Dan Rosandich creates illustrations and cartoons for magazines, books, websites, T-shirts, fortune 500 company art directors and a many other projects.


  1. Quite cool.. good we don’t provide free hosting else our customers would be on the road to hell!

  2. Hear Hear SpeedHost. No free rides on planet Earth! Thank God it’s just your basic cartoon making a basic statement in a non-sensical world! Great hearing your opinion! Cartoons and the internet have a symbiotic relationship – they both work well together!

  3. Good Cartoon.
    Yes, first finding and then using the free web hosting way is not a easy way and with full of troubles or challenges.

  4. Chris

    I’m glad I actually understood this cartoon immediately. I actually laughed out loud. What is amazing is so many people still find free web hosting attractive. I remember when I was a younger kid and had a few free websites. They were kind of fun like a kid’s toy, but not as something to be taken seriously. I guess the desert is a nice place? haha.

  5. In my opinion, this cartoon shows that nothing comes free in this world and if you think u are getting free web hosting, think again! Because getting things free without any interest, is a remote possibility. Look, where the man in the cartoon has to go to finally reach “free web hosting”.

  6. s3host

    Well, web hosting free of cost its quit amazing. This cartoon can give an eye pleasure only that can’t be taken seriously.

  7. This is really true man. people finding for free hosting will be on road to hell. that is why finding free hosting is bad and in the same time providing is also just like corruption. both ways is bad…

  8. ehdf

    hahah picture is worth of thousand words. I am not saying anything lol :)

  9. When we talk about hosting industry, there is only one important point to consider.. Nothing comes for free… :)

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