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Some writers publicize themselves by syndicating a portion of their work for publication in websites, newsletters, and ezines. The quality of such articles varies greatly. We’ve sifted through a large number of free articles to find the very best free copy available for webmasters to publish for their visitors.

The writers of these articles appreciate having their work published as long as the simple guidelines are followed to give them they credit deserve. The text of these free articles below can be copied and pasted into your html page as long as you include the “resource box” at the bottom of each article which typically includes a credit and hyperlink to the author’s site.

It’s a good idea to check the author’s site to verify before publishing any free articles.These tips for publishing free articles will help webmasters get started with publishing syndicated content.

Tips for Publishing Free Articles

  • The general etiquette for publishing a free article is include the so called”resource box” at the end of the article, giving the author full credit.
  • It is a good practice to make sure the author’s url or e-mailappearing in the resource box is hyperlinked in your copy of the article instead of simply listed in text form. This is a good sort of “Do unto others” policy.
  • Before publishing articles, check the author permissions in theresource box to make sure the author does not have any special stipulations for publication. Some authors like to receive a FYI e-mail notification from the publisher letting him know where the article is being published.
  • Always keep in mind that the author retains the copyright and thatunder law, the article is his or her property which they are allowing you to use.

Note: Clickfire publishes numerous articles for webmasters. Only the articles listed on this free articles menu are free for publication. If an article does not specifically state that it is free in the resource box, it should not be published. If you would like to request publication permission for other Clickfire articles, please contact us.

Update: Another source of excellent resource for free articles for website publishers has been guest blogging platforms that allow bloggers to post guest posts with a link credit for editors to review and publish if they like them. There are several services like this such as MyBlogGuest and others that you can read about here.

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