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Update: circa 2012 – Reviewer Smair Habib has done a new review of BlueHost. Check it out to see what’s changed.

“Thank you for your order from BlueHost.Com! We are excited to have you as our customer! In order to ensure your happiness we will make every effort to give you the best support available. ” -excerpt from the BlueHost welcome letter

I discovered BlueHost about 6 months ago and have been wanting to share some thoughts about this rising web hosting company that claims to have industry leading tech support and award winning hosting packages (what’s a host without an award). The feature that most piqued my interest was the ability to host six domains on one BlueHost account ($6.95 Per Month). BlueHost does this via cPanel control panel software. I set up a few domains and made a few customer service calls to and overall received positive responses. I’m beginning to reach the conclusion that it’s beneficial to catch a web host while they are in the early stages of high growth.

We’ve now published a comprehensive hands on review of BlueHost. I’d like to think of the review as not just a snapshot, but ongoing. So if you’ve had experiences with BlueHost, positive or negative, please feel free to express them here.

On another note, Matt Heaton President and CEO of BlueHost Inc. began a blog a few days ago for the purpose discussing the Genesis of BlueHost and to write about some of the issues affecting the hosting industry in general. Matt’s first post has over 300 comments as of today. Nice batch of comments for a few days, I’d say!

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  1. Sadie

    Do you realize that the bluehost owner sent out emails to customers asking for positive comments. Also realize that he is not going to post any negative comments. Blue host works fine most of the time. But, if you are trying to run a business and are using ssl server, they are of little use when the service g goes down. The tech support is fine for minor matters. However, when your online shop goes down for 30 minutes at a time periodically, they take quite a long time to fix the problem. Also, they do not return phone calls. One time my online shop was down for three days. Everything is fine with bluehost, until there is a problem, such as their secure server. When you have a problem such as this, their tech support is worthless, and your business is going to loss sales.

  2. Emory Rowland

    Matt is definitely enjoying all those positive testimonials. The blog is most certainly there to promote his company. I don’t know if he’s publishing negative comments about BlueHost (I do see a “Remove me from this list” or two), but I wouldn’t expect any company to publish a negative testimonial. There are sites that publish truly objective web host reviews and I hope we will be one of them. Our reviewer’s and my own experience with BlueHost was very different than yours, perhaps because neither of us tested SSL. Thanks for posting your experience.

  3. rob

    I was connected to bluehost for about two weeks. The email went down the second day. Their help guys took little interest in fixing the problem. Despite daily calls for a week to them my email did not work. The indicators were that it was an error at their end. I couldn’t log on from other computers and the messages continued to change from day to day. There is a site called Apperception that has emails from a sizeable group of people who had similar problems. Bluehost kept saying that the problem was not with bluehost. I eventually changed to Dream host and so far have had a good service including working email. If anyone else wants to change to Dreamhost they can use my promo code curedale and get a $30 discount that makes it a good deal.

  4. Things you should know about Bluehost:

    They have a default limit of 50 emails per hour for the whole account.

    So, although I am hosting 6 domain names, with a handful of addresses in each domain name, if I send out a party invite or a letter to friends and family while travelling (as I am right now), that’s it for the hour!

    That’s the short of it, here’s the whole rant if you are interested (I just think people should know):

    I’ve been with Bluehost a couple of weeks, a few issues here and there were quickly resolved, and then today I hit a wall.

    Nowhere in the Bluehost Terms of Service does it say that you will be limited to sending 50 emails per hour for the whole account, even if you are hosting several domain names with a few addresses in each. Yeah, that’s the down fault of their “plain Engish” TOS agreement – they can make things up as they go along when it suits them.

    Who cares if you can have a total of 2500 pop accounts, if only 1 of 50 of those accounts can send an email per hour! It’s just that kind of terrible inflated statistic that makes hosting plans sound good until you try it, very disappointing.

    I sent out an email to friends and family with some pictures. Just about 800KB of attachment, but split it up over two emails anyways. The first email chugged through (was sent to 51 people), and the second went nowhere. That’s the last email I’ve been able to send on the account today, about 7 hours ago! Totally froze the account…

    I didn’t even know what was going on, and I find the email limiting policy, based on trying to limit outgoing spam, rather outrageous. Isn’t it enough to limit bandwidth usage? Because they SAY it’s for limiting spam, but I don’t believe them. I think it’s to limit server access.

    Support raised the limit to 400, but in my case that is not enough. I explained that I send out newsletters and party invitations to 300+ friends at a time. If an error appears in the email, I won’t be able to send out a correction for an hour. I’m not planning to send out hundreds of emails every hour of every day, but it does happen, and this kind of limit is just plain weird. No other hosting company has it.

    I was told I could start throtling my email, or switch hosts. That’s just about the most cavalier customer support attitude I’ve ever heard!

    Having just switched FOUR domains to Bluehost and purchased FIVE years of hosting based on glowing reviews here, there, and everywhere, set up all the email accounts for everybody, troubleshooted all the little problems associated with the transfer, and just barely got used to the Control Panel (which is NOT smooth), email is NOT number one on my list of who and what I want to throttle right now!

    The worst part is that 6 hours later I still can’t send any mail, and, as of maybe about 3 hours ago, can’t receive any, either.

    Tickets started at the beginning of this issue have been labeled “resolved” and moved to Closed Ticket History, and I have gotten no reply from Support in over 3 hours. Plus, the resolution deadlines on the tickets are dated for Monday, three days from now!

  5. Emory Rowland

    I just updated the BlueHost Review. Their package now features 15 GB of diskspace and 400 GB of bandwidth–this is quite a bit more than most hosts.

  6. Dillon

    I’ve been with bluehost for a year now, hosting 3 sites, one for my own artwork and sculpture, one for the artist studios and event i help coordinate and one as a more general arts network pages for Sydney and Melbourne. Up until last week I’d had relatively few problems with them, their support seemed to be faily prompt when I needed it, they obliged quickly when I said I needed more mail traffic, and had experienced a couple of periods of downtime, but nothing major and a vast improvement on the Australian based host I was previously with. All in all I felt I was getting a reasonable sevice for the money.

    We recently restructured how we do our banking, closing down a couple of peripheral accounts to stream line the accounts. one of these accounts was the one that bluehost was billing. Unfortunatly, rather that do us the courtesy of notifying us of a billing problem by email, thus allowing us to login to our bluehost account and update the relevant information, and sending us all on our merry way, they decided just to delete my entire account, webmail, php the lot, and then not even inform me of this action – I found out when I couldn’t access my mail accounts, had to mail them through yahoo and wait 36 hours for a response. Being based in Australia, trying to sort things out by phone is not economical or practicle, the response i recieved was a very brisk “sort it out with billing” from a mister Jay Ward. Billing is now shut till monday, leaving me with at least another 2 days downtime, for me, the forum, several dozen artists that use our webmail, the mailing list and newsgroup etc. etc.

    I now have to figure whether it’s worth rectifying the situation with Bluehost, even just to retrieve the site arcitecture and mail info, which I’m informed “might” be backed up, or to just screw the whole deal and go with a more obliging host that has abit more respect for it’s clients, but face the somewhat daunting prospects of filling in the gaps in the sites (mambo, blogs etc.) and trying to compile a list and contact the various people who have lost their email accounts (numerous irate phonecalls have helped with this to some extent, but some of the crew are overseas, hard to contact and relying on their email).

  7. Emory Rowland

    Dillon, I feel for you. Looks like your site is back up so apparently things have improved.

  8. khalil

    I’ve been with Bluehost for a few years now and have been relatively happy. There have been two occasions where I’ve gotten crappy customer service – once last year and once right now. For the edification of folks considering bluehost, I’ll share the message I’m sending to the owner and will follow up with any response I get.


    I’ve now been with bluehost for 2-3 years. And most of the time I am satisfied. So much so that I encouraged a two colleagues to purchase multi-year hosting ( and and bought the first two years of hosting for a non-profit I work with so they can move here once their site is re-developed (

    The only problems I’ve ever had relate to how I’ve been treated when using help services.

    Recently, I needed a receipt for the Odyssey purchase. I assumed I’d been sent one, but all I was sent was an order confirmation. I contacted your billing department to request a receipt and was told that I need to go in through c-panel to get one, but the information in c-panel is inadequate for the staff of Odyssey. They need something that says the date I paid, the amount, and what it was for. So, essentially, I need an order form with an indication that I actually paid the amount indicated instead of simply the amount I paid.

    I asked the support for that, making clear what I needed, and was given the following response:

    I’m sorry but that receipt in the cpanel and the original confirmation email are the only invoices that we have or provide. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Taryn D. Crandell
    Billing Dept.
    888-401-HOST ext.153
    billing @
    You can find answers to most of your questions
    in our knowledgebase at

    I want to be clear that I feel this is absolutely ridiculous. It does not take much for your billing folk to provide customers with a formal receipt. Since your service folk do not seem willing to provide this service, I hope you will.

  9. ss

    Blue host Sucks. They are just [edited]. I had 8 hosting with them and one fine morning they have deleted all my account without noticing me. I have never seen such a worse hosting company.

  10. Merlin

    Here is an excerpt from’s entry for Bluehost:

    I had a domain name registered with a certain hosting company (whose URL will remain nameless else I help with their SEO. Don’t want that to happen!). I had set up an account with them for testing purposes for a couple of clients of mine. They were interested in having extra domains and so forth and wanted to check this host out.

    I set up a test account with this host and as soon as the proverbial ink dried, things went down hill fast! From email issues, slow support response, sporadic downtime and a tyrannical forum mod who thought too highly of himself…..I found myself in web hosting Hell!

    This Forum Mod was incredible! From outright censorship to actually telling users if we didn’t like the way he moderated the forum to just leave…it was unbelievable! Claims to be operating per the company’s instructions. That alone gave me pause.

    Now, I’ve never been subjected to this kind of treatment from ANY company. Let alone a web hosting provider. To top it off, he (Mod) excuses himself by saying that he is a volunteer and isn’t a paid employee. He’s still representing the company…paid or not. To top it off, management seemed totally indifferent to all of this abusive treatment. What does that say about this company then?

    I was gone in just one week. Packed up, closed the account and hauled tail outta there!

    I even emailed Matt Heaton about this incident and the ones that followed. He tossed it to one of his lackies. Wouldn’t respond himself at all.

    Now, I’m sure there are those out there whom have had an event-free experience with Bluehost. But, before you click that “submit” button on their site….register in their forums, ask questions. Hard ones! Try googling Bluehost too for any other issues from them.

    Personally, I read several posts just on their forums alone of users complaining of censorship and bad service. Most have been removed by now. However, I did save all the correspondence from my PM’s with one of their tyrannical forum mods. For example:

    Pertaining to a question about catch-all email accounts:

    “If catch-all accounts are SO important, then you are welcome to get a refund and find a host that will suit your needs. And we all now know of this issue and if you continue to have issue then you can take it up with support or even matt himself.

    This thread is going no where, it’s now become a gripping thread. If an admin of bluehost still have something to say, then they can still reply.”

    Another pertaining to the Moderator’s censorship tactics:

    “From : xxxxxx
    To : me
    Date : 2006-12-02 16:13
    Title : Posts….
    If you don’t like the way that I moderate this forum, then you don’t have to come here and post. You don’t have to use these forums. No one is making you stay here.”

    There’s more but I think you get the point here. I hope that they have or will soon grow up. One can only hope but ’till then there are other hosting companies out there that would treat a customer right.


    Bluehost bottom line: my bad experiences outweigh the good. Quirky and unreliable. The user interface is mysterious at best, and help/support is almost nonexistent. Look elsewhere.

  12. we’ve found blue host for our business and though it was a good hosting plan offering us a very complete cpanel with so much possibility…in fact bluehost give us great tools and features but our hosting is SO MANY TIMES DOWN. it make us sick… 6-10 per month the hosting is down for an average time of 15min to 8 hour. its why today im writing here… our hosting is down since 6 hour…for file corruption. im searchin for another more stable hosting. Each time we’re requesting help in live chat they are pretty cool with us but giving us the same answer each time… our server are in maintenance for x time and I can not do any more for you…

  13. I’ve been using bluehost for several years now. I have set up the company I work for on bluehost, plus moving over another of their sites to bluehost.

    Honestly, I have had little problem up to the past week. Tech support has been great (phone, email and tickets) and I get a lot more features then any host I have ever used.

    However, there has been noticeably more downtime then ever before. Most of the time it appears to be a routing issue, so I don’t know what’s up.

    Even though I recommended bluehost to my employer, they wanted to go with a “green” host. Out of three companies, that we actually purchased accounts for (long story), none of them worked. Serious down time, ssl not working, one host would only allow ftp (no ssh, or even sftp). But they all were as slow as death. One host had no phone contact, another one hardly ever responded to support tickets. It was a nightmare. Even now, after repeatedly canceling our account, we are still getting monthly charges! One of the other hosts refused to give us a refund (we had paid for a year), saying that they don’t give refunds unless they don’t provide the service as advertised. Apparently not being able to view or otherwise access the site doesn’t count.

    My point is, that if you are going to pay for virtual hosting (which is what most of these do for the price you are paying), you are going to run into problems at times. And as far as problems go, bluehost is low man on the totem poll. To host with them for several years and then run into a problem, for me, doesn’t count (not yet, anyway).

    If you want dedicated service then you want a collocation solution (i.e., dedicated hosting). Not virtual hosting. But for that you are talking hundreds, even thousands a month instead of just $7 a month.

    I am not saying that it justifies crappy service, but it certainly sets things into perspective. I believe bluehost is doing pretty good considering what they are actually doing and offering.

    Finally a quick comment on the the “find another host” issue. I realize it doesn’t sound like a good business practice, but think of it from this point of view: any of us would offer the same statement to the hosting company as a threat in order to motivate them to make the changes we want. “If you don’t fix this, I’m going to find another host”. We become angry when they preemptively hit us with our own words. The fact is, if you really aren’t happy with the service, then finding another host IS your best option. Find another host. But word of caution, if you are going to just go out and pay another $7/month, you may find yourself in the same boat. In fact, my experience is that if you are paying anything less then $50 a month, you will have to put up with the same sort of problems from any host.


  14. Emory Rowland

    Brian, I appreciate your point about getting what you pay for when you share a server with others. You can count on some degree of problems in exchange for the price. Someone is eventually going to break the furniture in the frat house and inconvenience all residents. It would be nice if shared hosts were more open about this.

  15. Emory, you bring up a good point. With virtual hosting there is a good chance that a user is going to abuse the service and as a result bring down the house for everyone. The tech I spoke to said that they try to shut down the people causing the problems as fast as they can, but sometimes the damage is already done. V-hosting is a lot more communal then people like to think.

    Agreed, being more open would be desirable (imho). But then, if you tell everyone “Hey, your site is probably going to go down because that is the nature of the beast” with, perhaps a list of examples, it seems everyone would just go to the next host that doesn’t tell them the truth. Know what I mean? Sort of a catch-22 situation for the businesses. It seems that most people would rather not know the stark truth. We are sort of like C.S. Lewis’ Puddleglum, we are much more comfortable playing the part of the perpetual victim.

  16. Emory Rowland

    Brian, love the C.S. Lewis analogy. Now there’s an idea for the name of a new hosting company: “Puddleglum Hosting” :)

  17. H.R.S.

    Here’s the scoop on more recent Bluehost issues.. it has taken weeks to gather this information, and to diagnose the problem that they are having.

    About 4 weeks ago, they went down.. of course their page did not..just all of our accounts and customer’s accounts (we are a web development company and, up until recently, have been referring customers to Bluehost as part of their affiliate program. The outage somewhere around 4 weeks ago was caused by a lightning strike according to their tech support.

    Problems persisted after that, down time nearly daily, 2 minutes up to 30 minutes with substantial slow downs for a while after going down.

    After nearly 3 weeks of calling TS at the first moments trouble, and frankly getting nowhere, I demanded that all of mine and my customer’s accounts be moved to different boxes (combined this is 20 separate, paying accounts, on about 15 different ‘boxes’). This request was denied on August 12th. At this time I contacted support again, the person I spoke with was rude, and tried to blame it on anything-but-them. The next day, I called to complain about this support person and note that they were down again. Previous to this incident, someone finally suggested that I run traceroutes when it was ‘down’.

    Later on August 12th it went down (confirmed by 4 employees spread out in 3 countries), and I ran a traceroute that timed out at bluehost.

    On August 13th they confirmed what I had been telling them for weeks – they had (and still have as of this moment) a faulty switch.

    No big deal, right? Well, somehow, they do not have access to their own equipment,and are unable at this time to replace the switch. I just got an update via their support system that still lacked a ‘fix’ date.

    Now I have to figure out how to migrate 20 accounts, 50 domains, 100 MySQL databases & 500 plus email addresses to another provider, as well as explain to our customers why we gave them a referral that we now cannot stand behind.

    In their defense, not that they really deserve a good word at this point.. but for over a year I was very happy.

    Anyway.. hope this helps people make an informed decision.


  18. Bob McHugh

    Well, my Bluehost account is down today and has been all day. They call it a Denial of …well something I can’t remember “attack”. I don’t of course know what really happened, but it has been down all day and I have had a hard time understanding what the customer service people said. One said “we are initiating… (technical jargon spoken very quickly…) her tone was I’m sorry but go away… I’m not impressed today. I believe they could have fixed this faster. One tech tried to tell me “this used to take a week to fix… and you wouldn’t have had service all that time… common’ half the customers would have quit and the other half would be involved in a class action suit. Why say something so transparent. I’d recommend that they train techs in more convincing “stalls” than that. Although I checked the box for follow up notice I won’t get it today because my email isn’t working…

  19. keith

    Sigh, it never seems to end. You are paying around $8.00 for a host. You GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR! Yes, it will go down, and no, you will not get world class tech support.

    I’m sure people will write and say, “I switched to [competitor goes here], and I never have any problems, and tech support is run by gods!” Of course, they only switched six weeks ago, but never mind that.

    I’ve been doing this for about fifteen years, so I’m not new to the game. Every host I have worked with has had their share of problems. Period. And they all tend to go from great, to bad to worse. Until they collapse in on themselves, get bought out/reinvent themselves, and then the cycle starts over.

    I have a site I’m hosting with BH that I never have problems with. But the company sites were going down all the time.

    The company I am with had problems with bluehost so we decided to rent a dedicated server from another company. We now have dual quadcore xeons with lots of ram, hd space and bandwidth. All for three sites. Our sites are super fast, no downtime and tech support is friendly, overqualified, and all around wonderful (me). But we pay over $200 a month, I had the set the whole thing up (including spam filtering, apache, SSL, etc).

    Of course, now that I’m doing everything, I have a whole lot of sympathy for hosts like bh.

    As to the comment above, they are under a “DoS” or “Denial of Service” attack. Trust me, it can really hose your server. Although, I’ve never heard of it taking a week to stop it.

    Frankly, I’m not sure why more small companies just don’t co-op. Get two or more other companies together, rent a server and each company dedicate resource to maintain it. Still more expensive, but it would have to be better then complaining about your $8 host being broken. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to blame anyone else for your problems either. So maybe the $8 is more than worth it. Before I could say, “It is a problem with the host”. Now I am the host. Bummer.

  20. Juanito

    Well here we are in Jan 11, 2009 now and this thread is still alive and kicking.
    All of our domains on bluehost have been up and down most of the day. When I called tech support a couple of hours agao (it takes us a while these days to call then as often it just fixes itself) I was in a queue with 35 others. Got to the top and they wouldn’t even admit that they had a systemic problem. Wanted me to do a traceroute to my main site so they could figure out where the problem was. You’d think that after that many calls they might have gotten a clue. Not so.
    Tech support wanted the trace so they could pass it on to higher up to have something done. I could see from the trace that it stopped dead on one of their servers. Sigh. A couple of hours later it is still down.
    So I second what others have said here, great until something goes wrong, then you can get hold of tech support but it doesn’t help. And they never write back or tell you what was up.
    On the plus side it is better than 99.9% uptime.
    That email throttle is a con though.
    Good luck all.

  21. keith

    I’m not sure what the problem is either, however I did not that bluehost itself was up and down. Also, my personal site, which has never been down in the three years I have had it was also down.

    We are in NY. So I logged into one of our servers that is collocated in Texas and sure enough I could get to all the sites just fine. I am thinking this is a routing issue, and as such may be a service provider problem not necessarily bluehost’s.

  22. dch

    my site went down on January 24, 2009 and when i called bluehost i was told NOTHING can be resorted as they have no backups available. they had disksservers failure – NOTHING can be restored….I cancelled hosting with them and looking for new company – any good names anyone please?

  23. HRS

    dch – I posted a long earlier comment about my issues with bluehost (August I think).. and have since moved to the following:
    As a secondary, I would recommend:

    Good luck!

  24. BC

    I set up one of my clients with Bluehost a year ago on the recommendation of the software company whose software they were using for online surveys. Over the past few months, especially in recent weeks, Bluehost has become more and more unreliable, which is kind of a big issue with the client since the surveys are time sensitive and are suppose to be up and ready after notification emails are sent out. So now I’m looking at a replacement host, and a huge pain for a switchover because of all the online files.

  25. Grovedude

    Wow. BlueHost sucks. I sit here with all of my websites down because of a “DDOS Attack,” which I believe is not true. A competent network engineer can stop those in relatively short order.

    But, 3 days of downtime? Yup, that’s where we are now. One full 24+ hour period of absolutely nothing, then things came back for a few minutes, then down again… over and over… up and down like it’s on an hourly cycle or something.

    My contact with tech support has been really pathetic — and if (as I read in this post) that they don’t actually own the servers they are using, that explains a lot.

    My advice about Blue Host is: If you’re running a serious business that requires uptime, or support that can react quickly, you will be unhappy with them almost immediately (as I was.) I’ve toughed it out for almost a year, and now I’ve had enough.

    It’s amateur hour over there.

  26. Krusty

    Been with bluehost for years (5 sites) customer service always answered the phone quickly and tried to help. Problem is service level, there is none. For the last three days the sites have been down or so slow they might as well be down. Load avg on the server (8 processor) is well above 100.

    To remedy the problem, the admins takes apache offline for 15 minutes then restarts.

    Its time to leave.

  27. Phpart

    Now am almost 3 years customer with, and one of the reasons I joined them because of unlimited space they have, therefore now after 3 years they decide to make the space limited by limiting the files, yesturday they have suspend my accounts because am using lots of files which its space, I was arguing with them almost 3 hours, What Bluehost is doing providing unlimited space and they change they plan called Fraud, I wish I was in USA to take they case to court, they really deserv to pay millions cheating on customers BLUEHOST Are Fraud, They says space are diffrent and files count diffrent, I say even non IT Person knows that more space is more files with they useless rules… I will never deal with them again, and will advice all they customer to find better host, which they support told me to find myself a host.

  28. I have been with blue host for three years or more. In the begining they were great. Customer service was great, price was great, and what you got was very good. I was even happy to recommend them to at least 7 of my clients who also signed up with them.

    Now i have the very embarassing and horrible situation where i have to explain to all those previously mentioned clients, why their sites and email keep going down. Now i have to call all those clients and recommend that they find an alternative.

    Blue host has gone so far down hill its not funny. Customer service is a thing of the past, and I myself, have had 6 down times in the last two months alone, of which they only will acknowledge two. God only knows how many times i have really been down and not noticed, but yet no explanation, apology, or offer of compensation.

    As a CEO of a web design company i need to have a server that works, and is stable, and Blue host, despite many requests, will not guaranee that this continued down time will not continue, which only leave me to conclude that it will go down over and over again, leaving without a site or email capabilities which is a death march for my company.

    Rest in peace Blue host, you were great while you lasted, but now you are the worst example of hosting company out there, and i will only be refering to you now as an example of what to avoid.

    Any good ones out there that people would like to recommend? I am on the hunt!

  29. Emory Rowland

    Andy, sorry to hear about the disappointing hosting experience. It’s expecially bad when you have clients who are affected.

    I was curious to ask if you knew for certain that it was server downtime and not a network issue–did you do a tracer route perhaps?

  30. My wife’s photography website has been out of service several times recently. It is hosted at Blue Host and the last time they replied, they claimed it was a denial of service attack and it took 24 hours before it was up and running. Today I can’t even connect to Blue Host to place a service ticket.

  31. I have been with them for couple of years coming from Lunarpages, i moved because LP was starting to fail after being with them over 5 years.
    I have 2 dedicated servers and no problem so far.
    Today all my servers are down, I run a company with several websites and all my clients are hosted on Bluehost because I asked them too.
    Now all my clients are down :-(

    I really hope it want last.

    Good think..i am in Europe and everyone is asleep right now..hopefully.

  32. great my sites are up again, so no complains a 10 minutes down is much less then what I use to get in Lunarpages, and so far their responce has been fantastic.

  33. is blue host down now?

  34. Frankie

    All my sites are down now, there support is terrible and rude. Ive been hung up on multiple times and they hadnt even fixed my problem.

  35. James

    Yea, it seems like I got in right after the good ole days were over.

    Search “bluehost problems”.

    There’s issues reported going back several years about arbitrary account closures, cpu usage penalties affecting whole shared servers with hundreds of sites each seemingly if even one used over the 10% cpu limit. It sent many people a screen that was threatening and implied fault of the site owner to the public with no warnings or notice to the site owners. The penalty page says to stop using scripts (no wordpress, drupal, or any php.) to avoid “overage”, which basically admits that they are radically oversold on cpu capacity. It says to use “static html”. This seems to be better, read them and make your own conclusions, but the punishment seems to be “slowdowns” now.

    My database of an ecommerce site that took months to build was corrupted during a routine update so I went to decompress the backup only to find it empty – 0 bytes. Same thing going back months, but the first ones in the backup archive were good, which I had checked at the beginning.


    When I called tech support, the guy said he had not heard about the “download a database backup here” button kicking out empty files (unlike lots of bluehose abused customers.). He went to my page (or acted like he did) and tried it and got the same empty file in the tar.gz. He was “so surprised” but helpful and got me the system backup installed. With another more brusque man, I said that I saw issues in multiple places including the bluehostforum, and that a Bluehost mySQL support person’s lack of knowledge about such an ongoing serious situation was less than encouraging. I got the too common “You are welcome to move to another host…” slapdown for that. You can bet that I will. I manage three other sites there, same with them.

    Luckily I got a tech sup guy on one call that went to “level 3″ support and found a system backup that was from three hours before the update failure so the site was saved. I will take that little file out the backdoor quietly and install it elsewhere before I call back and ask for my refund.

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