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I came of Internet age in the mid 1990’s when Yahoo was the top search engine and business.com was available for registration for $50. To get your content live you had to build the site in static HTML first before you worried about promoting it. I often miss what the web was then, a frontier of discovery too young and innocent to be commercialized. And one where personal sites regularly appeared in search results.

I started noodling around with WordPress 1.0 and soon became enamored with blogging. One of my great loves has been expressing myself through writing. I wrote fiction, poetry, PC gaming reviews, political opinion and my Christian experience. I had fun just creating graphics and tools for visitors to download for free. And all this amplified by the great bullhorn of search engine optimization.

MyBlogLog was the first site that made me start to understand the power of social media. I went nuts over digg until it collapsed. Then it was on to the mainstream social media sites of today.

My interest in SEO began after poking around in Clickfire's server log files and observing the traffic that certain pages were receiving. These two questions began to motivate my curiosity and continue to drive my exploration into SEO today:

  • Why did some of the pages receive more traffic from search engines than others?
  • How could I make the pages receive more traffic?

I learned that one of the early methods for SEO was to add meta tags to Web pages with the desired keywords and so, I wrote a meta tag maker software program called “Metty” to take care of this task. Of course, search engine optimization has evolved far past meta data and on page copy. The online version is still around and believe it or not, still has some uses today.

Whenever I designed websites, I learned to build in the underlying layer of SEO elements to make them perform in search. To my excitement, I discovered that sites I built could often compete with big brand names and even beat them for high volume search terms. I became fascinated with the ability of the little guy to make a big splash on the Internet.

Now I am fortunate enough to find myself developing SEO strategies for some of those big brands today. Much of what I have learned about optimizing websites has come from tweaking and experimenting done in my spare time, learning from friends and reading SEO forums and blogs.

As SEO evolved through the years and became more mainstream, I learned to adapt my optimization strategies to include link building, link baiting and social media optimization aka SMO. The SEO lessons learned through the years have been a valuable life-enriching asset. Be assured that I am ever learning and can't wait to share as I go along.

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