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For those of you who haven’t seen an ad somewhere or experienced the company’s services, 1and1 is large domain, web hosting, and e-commerce provider. When 1and1.com stormed the U.S. back in 2003, I was one who signed up for one of the company’s free professional hosting package. Skeptical, I wrote this circa 2005/2006:

I signed up for a 1&1 (1and1.com) account a while back and have been evaluating their web hosting and domain registration service for over one year. A few observations so far are that the 1and1 web hosting speed and uptime appear good. Customer service is mediocre (that’s stretching it, really stretching it). The 1and1 web hosting control panel is slow and a seems underfeatured when compared with others like cPanel.

1&1 Hosting Review - Partial Screenshot of Control Panel

I am happy to report that I’ve noticed some nice improvements in speed, usability and backend processes in my basic 1and1 hosting account. I discussed some of the changes that are taking place at 1and1 with Joshua Sloan, Director of Online Marketing for 1and1 Internet Inc. and definitely agree with him that “1and1 has come a long way since first entering the U.S. market.” It’s always nice to see a company improving products and services. Someone at 1&1 is listening, I’d say!

I still have my original 1and1 hosting account and plan to keep it. Also, I am a big fan of the 1and1 domain registration service and plan to continue using it due discounted price $5.99 per year and free private registration.

Check out the 1&1 review. Have you tried 1&1 hosting ? What are your impressions?

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  1. Sav

    I’ve been using 1and1.com for domain registration and hosting for the past 4-5 months. I’ve been pleased so far. Uptime is good. I’m not a big fan of their Website Builder panel but I use it anyway. I find it clunky and awkward and it often doesn’t like to paste in html or links on images for some odd reason. They still need to work the kinks out. Other than that, I’m really pleased with them. Good bang for your buck. I have the minimum hosting package (about $4 a month) at the moment and it comes with a WordPress blog and photo album.

  2. I think there customer has some serious flaws. They need to spend more money on support and less on full-page ads.

  3. Sebastian Wessels

    I have been using 1and1 for 2 years now and have a small business account with them. The tools they have are great and works well. I was also very happy with the service and support in the beginning. I recently needed support with an obvious server problem. When I try to access one of my e-mail addresses via the webmail interfaces, I get an “internal server error 500″. I called support and got a very bad phone connection to somebody with an oriental accent. I had a hard time to hear and understand the person. She told me this problem would be resolved within the hour. Now, 2 days later, with several phone calls to friendly folks with marginal English and 2 more case numbers, nothing has happened.

    It’s so sad that companies as they start to grow seem to go down that road!

  4. George Bedoya

    I would not recommend this people, three years ago I registered a domain with this company trying to swiich form ev1 servers becasue they cancelled their domain services, and as a general rule I never let the system to make automatic renewal, because some of my customers only needs their domains for 2 to 3 years maximum, and thats why I opt to renew year by year.

    I had been a ev1servers.com customer for the last 3 years and never have any problem with them, I was trying to move my server to 1and1, and his sales rep, treat me like Sh****t too.

    Well after the first year I thought that I didn’t have any additional responsibilities because I never choose automatic renewal, this is not true, now I had a lot of threats about collection agencies, cancelation of service, etc, for only $17.95.

    STAY AWAY form them, they do not respect whatever you selects at the registration time, they will keep charging you. STAY AWAY!, if you want to register go to godaddy.com.

  5. Moein

    I use godaddy, I do not recommend godaddy to anyone. Their service is not worldwide. It could not be open in many countries.

  6. Alex

    1&1 are BULLIES!!!

    I signed up to the 1&1 Professional Preview Package in 2004 – which allowed me 3 years free hosting – ‘great’, I thought. However, I guess it’s true what they say – ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

    I didn’t receive a reminder warning and consequently my website suddenly disappeared and my connected email address ceased working. They locked my account and told me that the only way that my website and email address would work again is if I paid to upgrade my account.

    I’ve phone and I’ve emailed my complaints, but all I got was a trite “all we can do is apologize” response.

    They’ve withdrawn the money for my domain name registration from my card. However, I can’t even forward my domain name because they’ve put a lock on that too! So what have I paid for? I might as well have signed up to a protection racket!

  7. Joshua Sloan

    Hi All,
    As a new fan of Clickfire, I will pop in from time to time.

    I wanted to let you know that IMHO I am seeing improvements in all kind of areas over the past couple years. We’re constantly hiring for techs, and implementing improved training for both techs and billing folks. We have streamlined the cancellation procedures, eliminated internal domain transfer fees, increased package features, increade our tech support personnel, decreased avg. response times, and more. I don’t find our billing or contract terms unreasonable at all, but I do know that some people don’t pay attention to what they are getting into, and don’t keep their contact info update. This would cause problems for any company, the phone company, the cable company, and yes for hosting compaines. But companies cannot accept all the responsibility if clients don’t receive or ignore notifications. If you buy anything that has a contract, it does behove your to either read the T&C or call the company up and ask them to address your major concerns before buying.

    As for the 3-yr free customers, I know we tried very hard to reach all of them to let them know that the free period was ending, and fees would start to accrue if they had added domains or had a credit card on file for other fees/services (otherwise the account could be terminated.) Unfortunately after 3 years of free service, some peple took the service for granted and did not receive or respond to our ‘end is near’ emails. We are indeed very big, but I can assure you there are no nefarious or evil people at 1&1, everyone I know and have net here are sincere, honest, and proud ‘hosting geeks’ like myself.

    Pragmatically speaking, I know we can’t be right for everyone, but I am proud to say that for most people we are indeed a very good choice. Even for those who do not choose 1&1, our presence in the market as a large player means other hosting and domain companies are being forced to offer people more for less. This is a good thing for the whole industry.

    That being said, don’t sign up for 1&1 because I like them and work there, double check the features, the many free value-adds, the guarantee period, and call the InfoLine to discuss and concerns you have about cancellation and billing policies. If these meet or exceed your needs or expectations, I know you’ll like the prices.

    Warm regards to all clickfire readers,

  8. Carol

    I’ve been useing 1&1 for 7 months now, I have domains I can not figure this out to save my life! 1 site is being done by a webmaster the other I’m trying to do myself-I used one of their programs-templates clicked the button that says publish now….and nothing….I do not understand their tech sup. and there blank answers.

  9. Michael

    I have been registering domain names with 1and1 for 6 months now and using their 1and1 home package for 2 months. I do not have any complaints. Uptime is good(haven’t been down yet, except for scheduled). Speed is good, my ISP is the only limit. I can’t comment on the quality of the customer service, I have never needed to use it(no problems yet). I have 7 domain names registered with 1and1, 3 web sites and 4 MySQL databases running right now. I have not had any problems so far.

    I see a lot of negative reviews of 1and1. I can’t confirm any of these yet. So far my experience with 1and1 has been positive.

  10. Trevor

    1and1 sucks, horrible customer service! I will never use them again!

  11. Sputnik

    Whoever likes 1&1 must be drunk. They are the poorest of the poor and I for one was glad to part company. You don’t get what you pay for and their after sales sucks. Leave this company well alone because they smell of sh**!

  12. 1and1 has bottomed out. I have been using their Business Package for many years and have 13 domains registered. All sites went down early am on July 9th. I called tech support and was told there was a hardware problem on the server. 24 hours later the problem has not been fixed. 24 hours for ecommerce sites is an eternity. Needless to say I will be moving all my web site hosting ASAP. Has anybody ever recovered lost revenue from a hosting copmany?

  13. Randy

    1and1 use to be the best but since jan/feb they have been nothing but problems. Like an idiot I moved my company to 1and1 a few years ago and had great service from them spending about $250/mth on a developers account, managed unix server and 2003 server. So far the only good thing is the 2003 server. In jan they tweaked an apache variable that kept my users from downloading large files off my website claiming I needed to up grade my managed server to get more memory, uh then why did it work fine for the past 2.5 years. Now my company web site is down and has been down for 3 days. It went down on sunday morning. I’ve called 7 times talked to guys in india over bad phone lines and every time they say it should be up in about 3 hours. Wish they would say a few days, then I could point my domain name servers to another system and atleast get warn my customers of the problems. Will these sites ever come back up. I use to run a server farm at a national lab, and 4 hour downtime was all my users ever experienced, you back up a server if it crashes restore it on another box move some pointers and your off and running. This is very unacceptable! Very poor support and service. I’m losing hundreds of dollars in sales every hour not to mention all of the advertising that is pointing to a website that times out.

    Avoid 1and1 if you have any sense.

  14. Jimmy

    1and1 sucks b****. I cant even use my own HTML and am stuck with their sh**** templates. Now with all the negative feedback I fear changes hosts will take forever and still fear they’re going to keep charging me…

  15. Emory Rowland

    I received an email today from the 1and1 Customer Services Director that explains some of the strange goings ons reported with 1and1 hosting lately. Here is an excerpt:

    As you are probably aware, 1&1 experienced a major problem with the server your website is hosted on over the last few days.

    I am writing you today to personally apologize for the prolonged downtime which you experienced. Essentialy we had a system crash on the server which made it necessary to run a file system check on the machine to ensure data consistency. During the check it became evident that a harddrive in the RAID Array attached to the server was failing which reduced performance dramatically. After replacing the hardware we had to recheck the filesystem which took additional time.

    The machine is now up and running again with all the data available and performing nominally again.

    Our engineers are conducting a thorough review of the incident to prevent such problems from happening in the future.

    Considering the amount of time our services were unavailable to you, we will credit one (1) month’s hosting to your account in the next few days, which will result in the date of your next bill being pushed back one (1) month. Please note that any additional items, such as domains will continue their normal billing cycle.

  16. Wayne Allan

    We are down again more than 24 hours. After being with 1&1 for several years, we have noticed substantial downtime for the last several months. A few days over a couple of months that we noticed and the last week for 3 days or so and then we received the same email as shown above . Now we are down again during a marketing blitz. Not good. Last month we opened up a NetSol account to forward the marketing domains just in case this happened again but when the server goes down we learned it does not forward either.

    We received these emails this morning… Seems like they are moving their servers cross country.

    Again, we apologize for the inconveneince that this may have caused you.
    We are doing our best to resolve the issue that you are encountering right now as soon as possible and we know how important your account is with us, it’s just that there are circumstances for this issue that are out of our hands.

    Again we apologize for the inconvenience.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Can we have one of your domain names so that we can follow up checking your account here in our end. We do apologize for the inconvenience for we are moving our servers from New York to Lenexa to serve you even more better.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


    Right now, I can not and will not recommend 1&1 until they can prove reliability again.

  17. Mike

    Do NOT use 1and1. PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME AND SANITY. I am warning you because I don’t want you to have to suffer (yes I used the word suffer) at the hands of their poor service and non-existent customer support. You mae THINK you are saving you or your company a few bucks a month with 1and1, but let me ask you, how valuable is your time? If you are ready to waste hours and hours solving a simple problem, then 1and1 is for you. Don’t do it, pay the extra $5 or $10 per month to go with another hosting company to get the superior support.

    You know how 1and1 says there is 24/7 phone support, well, in reality 1and1 farms their customer support to a call center in some foreign country. The people who answer the phone are COMPLETELY useless and can barely speak English. And when I say completely, I mean, they have NO power to do ANYTHING to fix your problem. If it is more than a reset of a password, all they do is say “I am going to upgrade your case to the next level of support”. What does that mean? THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. In fact, all they are doing is filling out an online form that then gets sent to someone else, somewhere in the world. They don’t know who gets it and they never have contact with that person. So what happens, the person that receives your “support case” has no clue about the 2 hour conversation you just had with the idiot at the customer support call center. So then you get emails telling you to “Try This” when in reality, you have already tried that and the next 10 things they send you to try. And this goes on for days and days and days without any results.

    I give you fair warning, they might be the cheapest web host but you truly get what you pay for, which is useless customer support and services that don’t work half the time. Example? I signed up for their Microsoft Exchange Shared Hosting. Sounded like a good value. Until we realized that we couldn’t even send emails to our co-workers within our company. I must have called and emailed 1and1 30 times and no one, EVER solved the problem. I resorted to calling their corporate office — even calling the Sales department just to speak with an American. He of course couldn’t do anything and wanted nothing to do with me. I seriously begged with the guy to help me and he just told me to write a complaint to complaints@1and1.com.

    Yeah, I am serious. They have email addresses like complaints@1and1.com. DOES ANYONE REALLY BELIEVE THESE COMPLAINT EMAILS ARE GOING ANYWHERE EXCEPT IN THE TRASH? By the way, I have sent over 30 complaints and not 1 has EVER been addressed. In conclusion, I write this because I hope that someone out there will read it and save themselves the complete frustration and exhaustion of hosting with 1and1 and go some where else. Thanks.

  18. Bruce

    1and1 is down AGAIN. I don’t understand how a company that invests so much in marketing cannot invest a few $1000 to ensure that one’s website and email is generally available. Given that they have servers in the US and Europe, why not do maintenance in the off-peak hours on each continent?

    Their customer service is generally good but useless when it comes to responding to service outages. My business depends on email – can anyone suggest a better and more stable alternative to 1and1 email servers?

    I’ll eventually move my domain to a more expensive but more responsive host/server. Unfortunately you DO get what you pay for :(

    NOTE: I was given an email address to send my complaints in but the email kept bouncing back with a German error message (and had a .de extension)! Thought they were a UK company?

    Joshua – if you read this, please do something about communication and provide alternatives so emails are not down for extended periods of time. Otherwise your future planning meetings will start with “Gentlemen, we have a problem with customer retention”. ;)

  19. Mark

    I am looking at 1and1 to consolidate my Client’s websites (developer account or VPS). The package looks good but I am concerned about what I read here. For the people complaining, have you found a better solution?

    • Tim Miller

      Any solution is better than 1and1.com. I’m switching to mediatemple, but 1and1’s customer service is non existent. They just unilaterally canceled a number of domains after I shut off the “auto-renew.” After hours on hold with them, they finally committed to getting the domains back up and running. That was three days ago. Now, I’m on hold again.

  20. Keith H.

    I have been using 1and1 shared hosting packages (Microsoft) for and extended time, with no problems. For 20 USD a month- 3,000 GB transfer is a fair price. I don’t use any of their included mail services. It may be an unrealistic expectation to pay four dollars a month (or even 20) and expect priority service! MARK –If you have clients/customers depending on you, please consider a dedicated server. I have hired two dedicated servers from commercial farms (not from 1and1). My experience with dedicated servers has been that the advertised transfer speed IS as advertised.

    Hosting companies put a load on the machines servicing shared hosting packages.

  21. I have been with 1and1 for over a year now and have experienced only one time that everything was not available. That time I waited about thirty minutes, tried again and found everything working. One, relatively short failure in a full year does not seem excessive to me.

    I do my own HTML so I cannot talk to their point and click options but if you know what you are doing, I see no problem – at all.

    Comparing 1and1 to the two other web hosting companies I have used, 1and1 provides excellent price to performance service.

  22. Ore

    I agree with WOIPL, 1&1 is a great company if you only know what you are doing with the stuff that your bought from the company. You can’t expect 100% satisfaction in every company because in the real world that don’t exist. Every company has its ups and downs… its just a matter of dealing with it and knowing what things are needed to be done particularly…

    I agree, most of the agents can’t speak english well, but if you can just ask them whatever sentences or things that they’re saying they will gladly repeat those for you.. please bare in mind that call centers are mostly located in some foreign countries probably in india if im not mistaken.. so meaning to say, they don’t have an access to all of the servers and stuff because from what ive heard, all their servers are in the US and in Germany.

    I’ve been in there hosting almost a year now and so far its been excellent.

    Pricing is top notch, customer service is fair… great company, and it works with people that KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

  23. david

    Don’t expect to be able to cancel 1and 1 in the first 90 days. Its a trap. They make it virtually impossible to do so. So… if you buy it for a year, and it does not work for your needs….you are going to be stuck paying for the year whether you use it or not.

  24. j b

    I was originally drawn to this firm by their recommendation from a respected friend. Since setting up an account, I experienced a series of problems that Technical Support could not resolve;
    – Loosing Email
    I subscribe to various email lists and archive the content, posting it for others as reference material. The EmailListServer immediately flags account errors to the list admin. No errors occurred but my inbound emails just stopped arriving. I opened a complaint on 20070605 with Tech Support and furnished everything they needed to isolate the problem. They said they would escalate the issue to the “Admins” and they would be in touch.
    – No response to open Technical Support requests
    After 30 days with no follow-up from the “Admins”, I contacted Technical Support, worked through their outsourced Level 1 support staff. I find out Technical Support cannot even contact the “Admins” because “Tech Support is in the Philippines and Admins are in Virginia or Germany, I’m not really sure.” The Tech Support supervisor arranged a billing deferral while the issue was resolved.
    – Internal policies not followed
    30 days more transpired (still no contact from Tech Support or the Admins) and I received a Billing notice that the account will be suspended for non-payment. What the heck, I have a billing deferral! I write to complaints@1and1.com to inform them of the situation. I got a response from Technical Support asking to tell them about the problem I opened the ticket for in the first place. Huh, you lost the open ticket and all the related documentation that lead to the billing deferral? I responded that they already had the required data and they acknowledged the problem existed. All of a sudden, the responses halted, leading to,
    – Account Suspension
    With no activity on the tech issues, I finally cave in and figure I’ll just switch to another hosting service when the committed-to one year contract expires. I enter my revised billing info and find the account is now locked out.

    I am sure this saga will continue but you are smart enough to learn from my mistakes. If you are even thinking about 1 & 1 hosting, just go elsewhere.

  25. We were 1and1 customers since they arrived on the market (2003). We had 2 root servers + 10 exchange hosting + sharepoint. Never a problem with them.

    Early 2005, I took their free 1 year business hosting to play with. I cancelled it in July 2005.

    Few weeks ago (07/2007) looking at my credit report I noticed a collection report for $30 from 1and1… that costs a bunch of points. I called 1and1 billing about these $30 – they don’t have a clue, my account has always been current. weird. I asked them to investigate…

    The $30 is the famous 1 year free business hosting I supposedly never cancelled. I complained about the situation and told them that I would pay but I needed the crap removed from my credit report, they can’t do it! It depends on the collection agency for which they don’t have a name nor a phone number.

    That’s ok… I signed with a local company and cancelled everything we had with 1and1 – over $500 monthly lost for a stupid $30.
    I got 4 phone calls from billing, sales and an admin offering me 20% discount but the only thing I requested was a written confirmation of all cancellation which I received 3 days later.

  26. Alex Howell

    160 Hours downtime. In one week.

    No explanation. No apology. Hours on hold, cut off more than once. Customer service people working against each other (one rebooting, the other trying to fix). Total re-image required.

    Google 1and1 review, then decide for yourself.

  27. Brendan

    1and1 is literally the WORST service we’ve ever used. Our website constantly goes down with “internal server error 500″ and their customer support is in India led by people who know little to nothing, apologize and get nothing done, and just p*ss you off.

    I think 1and1 must be the worst managed company I’ve ever seen. It’s just a nightmare to deal with them. Hopefully you read this before signing up and stay FAR AWAY!

    We are in the process of switching away from them now. I’d never ever recommend them to anyone.

  28. R Davie

    1and1 are the worst hosting company I have had the displeasure to experience. Their support is the worst I have encountered too – many of my emails were simply ignored and they don’t appear to read them properly either. Do not expect any technical help as all they do is point you towards their mediocre (yeah it is stretching it) help files.

    They also have a dubious method of dealing with late payments. I was late paying a domain name registration and they locked that account (understandably as I was in error). BUT they then proceeded to lock my fully paid business package too. It took around two weeks to get myself back online and during one telephone call I was promised a refund for the time my business acount was locked. Six months later I am still emailing them to honour this refund but they are now saying they never told me that. So basically they are calling me a liar.

    I finally had enough and cancelled my contract but I withheld my final payment of £10.56 due to the fact they owed me a refund. Within a few days I was sent a threatening letter that incurred an extra charge of £15.00 and was later sent further letters by their collection agency which threatened court costs going up to £150.00 or more. This was all during the time I was trying to reclaim my refund, they did not even have the decency to wait until they had finalised that matter. It doesn’t appear that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

    So now on principle I am still trying to claim my refund, but all they do is pass me back and forth between billing and complaints and continue to send me ‘handy tips’ on how to pay my bills. It is either that or they simple ignore me altogether.

    I really cannot recommend this company to anyone. Their treatment of customers is the worst I have ever encountered in any line of business. I cannot put into words the frustration I have felt with this company.

  29. Ann

    1and1 Internet is absolutely the worst hosting company! Failing servers, lying customer support.

    Error 500 appears to be the keyword for their so-called customer services reps to flip their magic 8 ball over for some canned blame directed at their customer.

    Don’t even think of hosting a website with 1and1 Internet – they suck!

  30. Many of you gave good reviews of 1and1 Hosting. Perhaps had not had the misfortune of talking to one their Customer Support. The language issue is one thing, many big companies use offshore contractors tech/customer help. 1and1 somehow uses those that have difficulty of understanding tech issues, and have very limited experience beyond what one can find in the FAQ (why would anyone call, if the answer is available already?).

    It is very difficult to go beyond the first tier support, when it is obvious that the first tier can’t handle. Not only that “defensive” & “rude” (hung up), the customer help we would characterize. It was quite evident in a number of occasions that 1and1 had no clue of fixing problem. First always helps to call back and get different support. You would quickly find that the answer will be strikingly the opposite! Just yesterday PLESK slowed our system down to a halt; the tech took 1 hour to fix (reload) PLESK. In the process our DNS server was wiped out! Naturally none of our domains worked. Subsequent tech support advised us that they can’t help, because we “choose to use our own DNS”, but have not chosen for the tech to screw up our DNS server. This meant our system was down for than a day. It is unacceptable by any standards.

  31. Gunjan

    I have been using this company 1and1 for quite some time. They have been moving their customer service to phillipines. I wish to register my frustration with 1and1 support. A ticket was created on friday morning in which our mailboxes were locked, and I responded back immediately. Yet the mailboxes are still locked. and when I called on friday around 4 pm. the department was already close. Is this really 24×7 customer support. What am I suppoed to do now… I am at the mercy of 1and1 and its policies… We realy lost a lot of bbusiness… and due to 1and1 lousy customer support (phillipines is very irritating, coz they don’t even understand and are so limited) of 1and1 we now have unsatisfied customers…

    We have been a long time 1and1 customer, and wish to bring our frustration and agonies…
    We need to be heard….

  32. Aks

    so then what hosts would u guys recommend?

    And did anyone got back their money after cancellation of their hosting account at 1and1, which they guarantee that within 90 days, we can cancel and get full fee refund.. did someone get any?

  33. Martin Gamache

    1and1 …

    With them since two years …

    There customer service is sooooooooo bad. I have a downtime of 4 days. And i have a ecom.
    They are locate in philippine and speak at the phone with a sh** acent. Dont use there service.

    My worst nightmare since 4 days …. 1and1 is not a good investment.

  34. bill

    technical service is actually good. yet, if ever one of their services goes down. there goes the problem, because it would take weeks for them to fix. even my friends in the other forums have the same experience. but so far, for me their service is OK.

  35. Emory Rowland

    Aks, here are the hosts that we have setup accounts and reviewed here:


    They all have details and ratings which should be helpful. Good luck in getting a good host!

  36. Aks

    thanks emory for the link.

  37. Steven

    This is the worst hosting company out there. Tech support is horrible. I have had a problem for six weeks now and all they can say is that there is no estimated time to fix it. When I upgraded to business, they will not give me the software code for the basic package, they would rather that I downgrade to get the codes than to give me software that I paid for.

    This is a total rip off — go elsewhere!! Their customer service has no clue whatsoever, I think they are a bunch of elementary school drop outs because there is a zero comprehension level of anyone you talk with.

  38. sheng

    i’d say cust service is terrible at all.. but their servers are good to me.

  39. I set-up BankRaid a few years ago to highlight my battle with 1&1. A couple of years down the road and it all became too much too handle – and too costly as well. Too many folk ‘out there’ were writing to me asking for help. So, now I’m taking a different tack. I cannot afford to be so charitable and need some recompense for all my efforts. I’m proposing an alternative way forward. As it appears that 1&1 are virtually beyond the law, inasmuch that regulating agencies (both government and on the internet) seem reluctant to help the consumer, I thought I’d set up my own hosting company and try and attract customers – hopefully many from 1&1! Just seems that this is the only way to go. Please visit bankraid.com and see how life can be so much better!

  40. choi

    1&1 is great compared to other hosting company… Those irrate with 1&1 are those dull customers… 1&1 is the NUMBER ONE WEBHOSTING COMPANY as they catered worldwide. 1&1 is dealing with ****millions of customers worldwide.

    Facts & figures
    As the world’s largest web host, 1&1 is both profitable and completely focused on the web hosting business. We’ve been a driving force in the industry for more than a decade and are the most financially stable provider in our class.
    Foundation: 1&1 was founded as a reseller of technology products, including an early online service, in 1992 by Ralph Dommermuth (now CEO of United Internet, the public parent company of 1&1, and CMO of 1&1).

    Schlund + Partner, a leading web host and registrar acquired in 1998, was co-founded in 1995 by Andreas Gauger (now 1&1 Chairman of the Board) and Achim Weiss (now CTO of 1&1).
    Mission: To provide an optimal Internet presence for private users and small-to-medium businesses by offering a complete range of innovative, high-quality web solutions at value prices.
    Employees: Over 3,029 at 1&1
    Total of 3,430 at United Internet
    Technicians: Over 250 developers and administrators
    Data Centers: 5 operated by 1&1, 2 owned by 1&1
    Servers installed: 40,000
    Connectivity: 20 Gbit external carrier class connectivity
    our own backbone
    Customers: 6.39 million customers on paid services
    Domains: 8.80 million domain names are registered and handled by 1&1

  41. Brian

    I have 1 hosted account with 1 & 1 and have registered 18 domains with them. I have used technical support 3 times and all 3 times I was helped by a friendly, albeit foreign, technical support person. For individuals seeking good value from a BIG company and all the pros and cons that come with choosing a BIG company, dont’ rule out 1 & 1.

    For those seeking more personal attention and American technical support, try LinkSky Value Host. I have hosted my business website with them for 4 years and had less than 12 hours down time! Shirley and Joseph really care and they work tireless for their clients. They cost a little more, but you’ll get good service.

    Good luck all.

  42. anton

    I have requested to cancel my hosting with them, since i realized that their wordpress one click installation was so dated. I called and cancelled. But after one month, I checked cancel.1and1.com, it was still not finalized. then I emailed and asked why it was still not done. Then I was told it can not be cancelled and refunded. My question is if it can not be cancelled, why didn’t tell me at the beginning??? Where is that 90 day money back guarantee you stated in your website?? I did the cancellation only after a few days of the purchase. I emailed and asked those questions, then I got an email telling me to go to cancel.1and1.com to cancel. What??? Was I talking to a robot? Then i replied and repeated the whole thing. 3 days now, I have not heard a thing back from them.

    I wish I can get the hosting payment back. For the domains I have registered with them, i will consider transfer to someowhere else before it expires.
    I have to say their service is the worst I have ever experienced.
    Stay away from their trap!!

  43. threesixes

    I woke this morning to find my account locked, I’ve been with 1&1 almost a year and have never experienced any down time so I was a bit confused as to why.
    It turns out that there is an outstanding invoice which I was not made aware of. Looking at my billing overview everything seems fine and I have had no emails telling me their was a problem. I looked in the bank and the money is there so I don’t know what cocked up but I know it wasn’t me.

    but here is the kicker, I phoned 1&1 to sort the problem and was told that the department which deals with unlocking 1&1 accounts is only open Monday – Fri and this being Saturday I would have to wait 48 hours to get my site back online.

    NOT IMPRESSED I hung up,

    after looking through my billing section again and again finding no irregularities I decided to phone back and complain. The second guy I spoke to was a little more helpful,

    He also told me that I faced a possible 48 hour wait but told me that by updating my credit card details (i.e. resubmitting the exact same information) the system would automatically unlock the site in a few hours

    Here’s hoping he’s right.

  44. Bogdan Bucur

    They have the worst customer service experience…i would never recomend it to NOBODY. i am using a different hosting provider for 4 years and tried different other hosting providers…none compares with 1and1.com on terfible customer service.

  45. bill

    hey, i already said this. but i think those who are unhappy customers of 1and1 are those in MS Windows server. a friend of mine who’s using .net framework, is not happy with their service. however, me and my relatives are not having problem with our linux packages. that excluded the linux root servers because we are the one who maintained it.

    the price is very low. i’m using a cgi script to check the uptime on the shared server, and it’s 105 days already.

  46. Matt

    Same problem as others here. 1&1 will just lock your account without the slightest warning when their dumb arse credit card processing system system screws up and for whatever reason decides to not accept the same card details it has already successfully used in the past. First you thing you get to know about this is when your websites go offline and you can’t access email. Worse still, any mail sent to your mailbox is now being bounced back to the sender. Fixed by logging into admin and re-entering the same credit card details again! Locking accounts like this is a really stupid thing to do to paying customers. Don’t join 1&1 unless you want similar trouble. And if you do join, don’t expect any customer service — it doesn’t exist.

  47. shuwang yan

    Today my website’s is down because 1and1 internet disabled the website’s admin control panel since they failed to charge my credit card for the monthly hosting fee which is around $7.

    They did that without my notice, they did not even give me email notice. Suddenly, my website is completely down and I had no idea, but I can only called 1and1 internet customer service. I made three calls and every call keep me waiting about 18 minutes. After the 3rd call (5 hours later), I checked my site and it was working eventually. I should have transferred my domain name 1 month ago if I have knowledge about php and my sql.

    I hate to deal with their customer service.

    Last year, when I want to cancel my VPS package, I called them and did it according to what the rep told me. But their cancellation procedure is a little complicated and tricky. Only after one month that my credit card was debited one more month’s fee did I recognize that my VPS is still active.
    Actually, this is my only site which is still hosted by 1and1.com . I have transferred the other 5 websites to other hosting company since 1and1.com left me such bad bad experience.

    One more thing which is worth pointing out is that 1and1 internet continually send us email so frequently and I can only delete their email every time. I don’t even read its since I know 99% of them are all spam emails. They keep bombing my email address for the whole year. I am not against company sending valuable emails to customers, what I am against is you can not send customer emails too many times.

    What I am writing this about article is everybody who is considering a web hosting company should carefully research before you make your decision. Of course, I don’t recommend 1and1.com.They throw the most dollars onto the major business related magazines and they ever buy 10 pages whole page ads on one famous tech magazine. But what they deliver is the world’s worst hosting and very bad customer service. I am very curious why such a crook company can still survive in a competitive hosting marketing.

  48. nathan

    1and1 is the best. Those dumbheaded customers are the ones who normally complain…

  49. unregistered

    1&1 Internet Inc., the world’s largest web host by known servers, today announced the company’s 10 millionth domain registration. 1&1 not only retails some of the lowest priced domain names, but bundles each domain with a 5-page starter website and search engine submission – and so provides a professional-quality web presence for only a few dollars. 1&1 also revealed today a survey of 1,025 U.S. consumers , commissioned by 1&1, which found Americans in 2008 to be surprisingly confident in being able to build a website themselves (1). Almost 1 in 4 (22 percent) believed they could build a good website in less than 3 hours, with the average consumer believing they could successfully complete the task in less than 3 days.

    In less than 3 years, 1&1 has doubled the number of domains it has registered to 10 million. 1&1 has a broad 50/50 consumer and business user base. In the past year alone, the number of 1&1 registered domains in the U.S. has increased by 46 percent. The company also saw a further 35 percent increase in .us domain registrations made over the past 12 months. 1&1’s product features have been a key driver in its popularity.

    Andreas Gauger, Chairman of the Board, 1&1 Internet Inc., said, “We have seen pleasing growth in our domain registrations worldwide. Consumers nowadays require more than a raw solution at a low price. 1&1 products deliver a quick and effective web presence and our domains are no exception. We see a direct link between our rapid domain growth and our unique domain features. We will continue to add to our domains and make it even easier to launch online.”

    Interestingly, 1&1’s research reveals notable consumer confidence surrounding today’s web hosting packages. With the right tools to hand, consumers appear keen to take on the task of creating a website, whether for a business project or personal publishing. An impressive 1 in 4 consumers polled believed that they could create a good quality website themselves, using a web hosting package, within 3 hours.

    In line with the uptake of 1&1’s domain name features, the consumers questioned placed a high value on ‘easy-to-use web building tools,’ with 75 percent rating this to be the most important factor when choosing a web host.


    See? Those people who are unsatisfied with 1&1 are just .000000000000000000001 of the whole. 1&1 wouldn’t reach this far if not for their excellent service.

    Majority of the posts here are billing related issues.

    Don’t blame 1&1 for your financial problems.

  50. Someone

    Gee, Unregistered — you smell like astroturf.

    Right now their HTTP proxy for Exchange, as well as their OWA portal is down. It’s been down for my entire team all day. This is a geographically disparate group of people all working remotely and it’s not to be blamed collectively on routing issues. Not only is it down for the count, this is not an isolated incident.

    They have multiple ways of trying to access their hosted Exchange service and some days one way is more ‘right’ than others that suddenly flake out. They’ve lost our goddamn email archive for a week already and told us ‘Whoops, our bad!’. Our clients certainly didn’t really understand or appreciate that we had to check back details with them since we were relying on 1&1 at the time.

    Those days are over, we’ve all migrated to a colocated Server 2003 setup where I can directly manage Exchange via RDC. I’ll take the hassle of having to do the lifting if it means it @#%& works.

    Good try, astroturf. Good try.

  51. vaun norwood

    1and1.com is a s*** company, I’ve had my website down for day because of 1and1’s crappy service. I’ve had 20 domain names with them at one time, i’m moving them all over to hostforweb.com. I’m still in the middle of trying to move my domains. If you use 1&1.com you will be screwed, they will cost you a lot of money and even more time.
    Vaun Norwood, UglyKittyMedia.com

  52. I’ve been a 1and1 customer for 2.5 years with 6 domain. 3 separate times the servers get saturated and start to fail. It takes them weeks to recover. My money making site is down for the last 36 hours with no explanation. CS uses canned responses and you cannot get above them to anyone in management. Someone should arrange for a class action lawsuit .

  53. Filed complaint with BBB.
    I have been a customer for 2 plus years with 1and1 hosting 5 of my sites. In that 2 years they have had 3 major outages that lasted 24plus hours. The last straw was on 4/29/08 when my site/customers experience intermittent downtime which lasted until 5/13/08 when my sites were COMPLETELY down for 5 days. On 5/19 they came back up but have been experiencing intermittent downtime ever since. On 5/21 I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau since their customer relations department was unwilling to communicate with me. A company should not be allowed to operate this way.

  54. Floyd Evans

    I would like their Corporate office # Please, does anyone have it? they have been charging me for an addon called DSC for at least the last 4 months that i see so far, so I called Billing and talked to Amber at 12:35 to 12:40 and she said she could only do 2 months 4.99 a month and I said why only that amount she said because I never called sooner!

    OK MiBad I only have MS and literally been out of it in bed and brain fog, anyone with MS knows websites or anything for that matter is furthest from your mind.

    so I asked to talk to a manager David at 12:40 to 12:50 and he said well its on the acct and a sub domain is using it so I cant refund none of it. I asked for another supervisor that can help me, oh ya BTW I have 31 accts with them and offered to cancel them and move else where! and can you believe it? He said that would be fine! that little %$&* that likely gets $10 an hour and don’t give a crap.

    OK so next manager Damien ID.2524 12:52 to about 1:00 and all he kept saying was “Sir you are a lier, Sir you are a lier” everytime I started to talk he would say the same d*** thing and wouldn’t listen to me and kept cutting me off, so I say is that charge really worth losing my business,all 31 sites? and Damien ID.2524 said that’s up to you!”. OMG that pissed me off so bad, I asked to speak with another Supervisor that would let me talk and listen instead of talking over me and help a customer, the little Sup. Boy Said “No! and if you call back you will only get to me and I will still never help you!”

    OK I’m in the industry you know tech helping customers that kinda thing so I can deal with most anyone, sad to say I just yelled at him and said fine you will be losing my all my business, again he said “thats up to you sir!”

    Please Help I need a number to a higher up that will help the customer, ME!


  55. Prof D. Matthews

    1and1. I used to not care about call centers being outsourced as cheap is good, but now…

    I believe outsourcing call centers to be a form of consumer fraud. We buy a server in our home country and expect standards dictated by the people and our government. For companies to go behind and dish up a cheap solution and not keep these standards should be fined!

    1and1 and bethere are examples of failing call centers.

  56. Brigham

    I second the theme about 1and1’s ‘tech support/customer service’. They are horrible! Their system is stuck somehow and won’t let me use ftp to upload to my website. Beginning 24hours ago, I began calling the tech support overseas. They basically tell me to go away and wait. One hour the first tech, then the 2nd tech told me to wait 2 hours, and in lock-step, the 3rd tech wanted me to wait 3 hours. When I asked Bau or Mad who one of their most knowledgeable techs is, she said she had no idea! Wow! A tech employee who doesn’t know someone who knows anything.

    I wish they would just be upfront and say that they don’t want my business and I could make the switch to someone who does want the business quicker.

  57. Secure Internet Income

    I have been using 1and1 for nearly 5 years now. I agree that when they first started, I had a few complications with the control panel and certainly their support.

    they have come a long way though adding many new features but the CP is still very slow and the customer support is sometimes hard to understand.

    Overall, I am pleased with the service I have got from them and the prices are very reasonable.


  58. Michael

    Nineteen months with 1and1 still happy. Prices are low and I haven’t had any problems that I couldn’t figure out for myself. I have only had to contact customer service twice, both times billing. The first time was my mistake and the second time was theirs. I fixed my mistake and they fixed theirs. If you are at all able to help yourself and not be rude with 1and1 support you will have better luck. As I mentioned above the prices are low, if you want some one to hold your hand while you threaten to cancel your 31 sites you should probably think about paying a lot more. 1and1 is a web host not your wet nurse.

  59. markb

    They are a tricky one…

    I have been on shared hosting with them since 2004. I have added many domains and have external domains hosted with them. It has been OK but feel the packages are very overcrowded leading to pretty slow speeds.

    As far as mail servers to be quite honest they have been pretty good. one 2 days of downtime in 4 years…not bad.

    Just moved to VPS to get more control over various aspects. Has not been overly smooth but it is working….but they have only allocated 128MB of RAM when i should have 256Mb they are sorting it but it is slow going !

    You really have to get used to their lack of customer service….and very quirky policies. Check your bills like a hawk…and read the FAQs about how to do things….as they have very clever tie in policies that can catch you out big time.

    At the end of the day i would not have fully mission critical sites just on one server with one provider anyway.
    For sure there are better hosts etc….but hey it is a minefield out there….

    If you want excellent services and support you have to pay alot of money…..like 100-300 a month !! when you only pay 25-40 a month what do you really expect !

    you get what you pay for as such….
    ps Rack-space are the customer service gurus !

  60. Don

    A little over 1 month of my 90 day guarantee period for a VPS account, I wanted to cancel. I read through their support docs on their website and I was referred to the cancel.1and1.com url. I did as instructed, received 3 emails (which is standard protocol) and on the final email, got a confirmation of my cancellation. Didn’t get billed for 3 months so i’m thinking i’m okay, then around a month ago, i started receiving Plesk Admin emails, i’m thinking its nothing, then after a month i still keep on receiving it, i then checked my credit card only to find out that I’m getting billed. I emailed customer support and i was told that when i cancel, i am just cancelling the service, I will still get charged till the end of my contract. I decided to email billing@1and1.com. And the response I get this time is that I should have contacted billing for me to cancel and get a full refund. I swear i didn’t see that anywhere in the terms and conditions when i signed up. So i checked their website’s terms and conditions again. And I didn’t see anything about having to contact billing to be able to get the refund. Its absurd that 1and1 should put a cancellation URL and point everyone that wants to cancel to it then not put into effect the cancellation and later tell people that they should have called the billing department. Two different support people, two different replies. Its a ripoff.

  61. JD


  62. alex ivaylov

    Do NOT use 1and1, guys! I wish I had seen this post before. 1and1 was probably the worst mistake in my life! I just don’t know where to start from..

    About a month ago, I got a windows VPS from them. I needed this VPS to host my personal web site but i needed windows programs running on it as well. I was fulled by the cheap price. I bought the VPS, gave my card details, but nobody didn’t tell me anything. They didn’t let me know if the transaction was complete, if i have a vps or not.. Nothing for 2 days. Than I called them to ask whats going on and a very rude woman told me that I need to be identified by their customer authatication team (yeah, they even have such team). I asked the b**** “Usually how much time does it take to activate the acc?” and she answered me so rudly with so angry voice “I AM FROM THE BIILING DEPARTMENT”, than I asked her for a number to call in the ID department and she gave me a wrong one which didn’t work. After I managed to get verified, they charged my card. The VPS on the website was shown as £20 per month. But after this I saw that it was 25 because of the VAT. Allright, I don’t mind this. After this they told me that they are gonna charge me every 3 months, so they charged me around £80 (when I was expecting to pay 20).

    On the 3rd day the server crashed. I sent an email immediately to support@1and1.co.uk , in this email I said that the whole server is crashed (this physical machine, not only my VPS) and that I can’t login to their server management web system (Virtuozzo).. After more than 24 hours I receive a response “Please login to Virtuozzo and do this, this this…” I respond them “Virtozzo is not working” again and then another 24hours of downtime, no body isn’t responding on the mail, so I decide to call them. Iphone them and a silly dirl puts me on hold. I stay on hold for 20minutes and then I hang up. After an hour and something I call them again pissed, and then managed to get to somebody from support. I told him what the problem was, and I was told again to use virtuozzo. After I managed to explain, that Virtuozzo is not working, he decides to have a look. After this he told me that no body didn’t pay attention to my email and that they left it for later, because they were bussy. So if you want more than 2 days of downtime, use 1and1.

    But the problems don’t end. A month after I have starded my account, I received an invoice for £230. This were for the traffic. 1000GB of traffic are included in my plan, I have made around 200GB of them and I receive an invoice saying “£1 per GB” and totally £200. This basically means another two hours on the phone with silly b****, but it was worse than I expected… I called somebody form the sales department, told them that this invoice was wrong and than the girl asked me “What is traffic?”. I was wondering to laught or cry.. Then I aked her to transfer me over to somebody else, and after this I got transferred over 10 different people more. Finally, I found somebody, who promised to solve the problem and cancel the invoice. He said “We will cancel it within 7 working days”. But after one week the invoice wasn’t caneled, on the next day (which is yesterday), they tried to charge my card with the amount, but they couldn’t. So I called them today. Of course, talking to somebody who doesn’t know what we are talking about, after this got transferred over and over and over to a few different women, none of which couldn’t help. One of them, just hanged up with me. So in the end, I asked to speak to some of their managers. They transferred me over to another woman, which told me “Our system is currently down, can you call us in one hour”. So this is what I got after two hours of phone calls. So I am gonna call them tomorrow again..

    I am working as a web developer and in my experience I have worked with hundreds of hosting companies but I can tell you 1and1 was the worst mistake EVER. Now I am gonna sort this invoice problem and cancel my account with them immediately (although, i have paid for one more month). As somebody else said “1and1 is suffer!”. I will never ever use 1and1 again!

  63. Tim

    1 and 1 is only good for parking domains. The hosting is TERRIBLE. They lie constantly about this. I cannot reach my sites 50% of the times I try. People tell me they give up too. I cannot use the email with my 1and1 domains as its NEVER worked. Tech support is useless. They just say its all fine. Not one email has ever worked with 1and1. Any shared hosting with 1and1 will be on a computer with at least 300 other websites. Anyone with a moderate amount of skill can check all this out.

    Also – its true, 1and1 wil renew services even if you cancel them. I cancelled several domains. I have about 50 with 1and1. Some I didnt see any value in renewing. I cancelled and they kept renewing. I cancelled again, and they’d renew again. Each time a Phillipino on the phone would say “sorry – it cancel now”.

    Its all lies. Whatever 1and1 tells you. Unfortunately I can say this from experience. Also they have jacked up their prices quite a bit in the last year. They are no longer the cheap choice. But their service is the worst.

    I’ve been slowly moving everything from their filthy hands. Which isnt easy. Once they sense you are leaving they do what so many have talked about – they lock down your account and keep on billing. You lose control of what you pay for. YOu have to get legal with them and that costs $. They will ignore the first legal notices too. Only when you file an actual suit will they start noticing. Even then, they are a UK business with servers in Asia. They play tag with everyone.

  64. Arthur

    RUN, RUN NOW – get away from 1and1.
    For 5 years I have hosted 2 accounts and a dozen sites, and many more domain names with 1and1. They used to be fantastic. Now I can’t get away from them fast enough. Customer Service picks up fast and 1 out of 3 calls I get someone that is excellent. In between it is sketchy. Often automatons. I have no complaints about the hosting. I think they are great. The services are plentiful but not very useful. And once you get locked into a plan you are stuck with the outdated services. But the Billing department must be run from UK Prisons. Or else they are incredibly incompetent. Either way, it is a real nightmare. I get charges appearing that are not ordered. I’ve had my sites locked and them leave for the day after they post “illegal” charges. I spend days on getting it cleared up and then they are back again. I’m off to find the love again. It’s no longer at 1and1.

  65. John Valdez

    I wish I had seen this post/discussion earlier. I signed on with 1and1 two weeks ago and it has been dreadful.

    I run a very light WordPress blog that does not have a very heavy traffic load, yet it misbehaves constantly.

    It has been a real pain to get WP to work moderately well. They argued that WP’s scripts were defective and blamed the problems on me. They only bothered to offer marginal help when I showed them that a backup of my databases and WP folder were put to run smoothly on a friend’s own home server.

    They do not support WP (it says so in their faq and customer disservice will remind you of it at the first chance they). But when I was going to sign up with them I asked them if I could run WordPress, they said “no problem”. I guess I should have known my question should have been “do you offer support to WP users?”

    I am still well within the “90 day, no questions asked” money back period, but I am afraid it will be an ordeal to quit them.

  66. Nichole

    TWICE over my time with 1and1 I’ve gone into the system to change new bank card information. Both times it said it saved it, but when billing time came, it tried to charge it to my old card. The first time I contacted them, they straightened it out, I kept the account. However, by the 2nd occurrence I had had other issues with them as well, and I decided to just end it. I e-mailed support explaining the issue and saying I was done with them, and figured the lack of payment going through and that notice was all that was needed. I never got a response.
    Now I have TWO collection notices from them (I do not even know what the 2nd payment is supposed to be). The billing department had me go through the Web site to “properly” cancel, but are saying I’m still responsible for these payments! Even though my account has been locked and unable to be used ever since their system failed to bill the correct bank card. I’m supposed to pay for service I never used??
    (I had been with them ever since the long free-trial period when they first started up in the US.)

  67. Jeremy Presutti

    I had my account locked at about 3am this morning due to declined card (they sent out notices, my fault there). Called billing at 9. They said they can process the billing right now and have it unlocked within 20 minutes. Customer Service Rep spoke perfect English. Was unlocked 7 minutes later. A++ from me

  68. Jeremy Presutti

    Had an access issue with my server. Called in. Fixed in 25 seconds. Perfect english again. A++ still

  69. Rob

    1and1 has a horrible reputation for billing for their services even after you cancel. I received a notice from their collection agency for $70 for domains that I had canceled before they were due to expire. I highly recommend thinking seriously about doing any business with 1and1. There are better companies out there to deal with, that’s for sure.

  70. I recently noticed that I was being charged twice for the same domain. I wrote to billing and they advised me to cancel one of the duplicated contracts. I followed their instructions and predictably they deleted my website as well. To restore my website they now want to charge me a load of additional charges. This was a problem of their making. In all my time at 1and1 (too long) I have never received an apology for any of their mistakes. Looking at the web I see this is normal 1and1 customer service. Avoid them like the plague.

  71. Ryan

    1and1 is a dishonest, cheating company. I have been with them for several years. My credit card expired and I didn’t want the service any more. I expected them to turn off my account, which they did immediately. They then doubled the amount I owed them, and turned it over to their own collection agency, who wants another $19. When I spoke with the Billing Manager, he said they are charging me for the “space” my account used for the last 5 weeks (about 50MB). They also told me that even if I pay, I will not receive any service (annual fee). This is dishonest. Look them up on BBB. They have an F! Also, the billing manager said their BBB rating doesn’t matter to them, because they aren’t a governement regulated agency. DO NOT USE 1AND1.

  72. I’ll second the many complaints other users have here. I’ve been working on a 1and1.com dedicated server, and the server has been *horrible*.

    No access to PHP error logs, no access to HTTP error logs, an extremely poor and insecure default PHP/Apache configuration, random crashes, intermittent “500 Internal Server” errors, support personal that don’t speak English, support personal that don’t know what they’re talking about, support personal that don’t have access to configure the actual machines, support personal who don’t follow the history of your support tickets, slow support responses, antiquated PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin versions, e-mail that regularly goes down, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on and on and on…

    If you’re looking for a bottom-of-the-barrel, absolutely horrible webhost, you’ve found it in 1and1.com. If you’re looking for something even remotely reliable, STAY AWAY!

  73. charles fenoughty

    Have to say I agree with all the other bad experiences, I get the impression this is a company that was once good and is nnow really bad.

    Dante needs to rewite the inferno to create an extra layer of hell for 1and1 technical support people.

  74. Lilu

    Thanks to everyone for their input… I was about to go w/ 1and1 (trying to get away from godaddy.com)…but now I’ll just have to keep looking. I guess you do get what you pay for.

  75. noname

    I have 2 dedicated servers from 1and1 hosting.
    I have sent 4 different emails about cancelling my account.
    Their contract page is not working properly I can login but I cant cancel my account. In account page to cancel the account you need to call customer services, when I call them like 10 times they don’t now what is going on.
    also suddenly they locked my account at 1am in the morning without notifiying me. when I call them like 2 hours later they said me that I need to call them 6 hours later :) Their 24 hour help service is bull. They just answer the phone and tell you when the call again.


  76. I just switched from 1and1 to Winhost. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. So far, I have had to ask two questions of support at winhost. I got answers back within 20 minutes to my email. AND the answers were actually to the questions I asked. 1and1’s support is HORRIBLE.

    Do you want good support at a reasonable price? Go to WINHOST!

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